by EasyUEFI Development Team

Free software allowing for the management on windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: EasyUEFI Development Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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EasyUEFI is a utility designed to edit the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) boot menu. People who are unaware may well remember UEFI as a new version of the BIOS firmware interface. This computer has the advantage of having a clear graphic shell, which provides greater comfort at low levels.As each level is activated, the equipment functions accordingly. A unified executable kernel interface is commonly found on nearly all motherboards that come from relatively recent models. board's appearance, the structure and functions are determined by the manufacturer and model number.

With EasyUEFI you can make your own changes to the boot menu. You can add new entries to the program, convert an existing backup to be copied, change and delete unnecessary UEFI functions, and even start Windows based on those parameters. There are both single- and multi-level options available.Permanent operation of the system after time has passed. The EasyUEFI BIOS even allows you to build your own UEFI assemblies with its easy assembly creation capabilities.

Users of inexperienced boot menus should refrain from using the application since changing and deleting certain parameters can make the operating system inoperable. Note that EasyUEFI is only appropriate for motherboards with Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. Software will be unable to run on the PC if there is no support.

- You can amend or delete UEFI parameters; ;

- If your own device can be equipped with third-party benchmarks, like those used by third-parties, this program is perfect.

- You can back up settings through Windows backup software;; ;

- UEFI only works for motherboards with AMD processors that are compatible with the UEFI standard; ;

- is completely free.

Using EasyUEFI for Windows is one of the best ways to manage your boot options. you can make, remove, restore, and back up various boot options for your UEFI and/or EFI-equipped computer, which truly lives up to its reputation. The fact that it even enables you to take control over the EFI system partition is stunning.
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