by NeoSmart Technologies 2019

Expands the Windows BCD bootloader, allowing for dual boots between several Windows OS

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NeoSmart Technologies 2019

Release: EasyBCD

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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EasyBCD in a turn-To boot multiple versions of Windows, use this key solution. There are several settings available, such as Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu and Mac.With its simple interface, it's a breeze to navigate around the web browser. You do not need to be an expert or even still learning to achieve success. With a quick and easy BCD, any person on the computer can benefit.


  • POWER TO BOOT: Choose USB drives, ISO images, Windows, Linux, or even virtual disks if you want to attach them to your computer. EasyBCD lets you have the power of boot choice. No more being limited to just a handful of boot options, now you have the power of EasyBCD and the power of choice.
  • BOOT ON THE GO: USB bootsticks created and used by EasyBCD are easy to create. Keeping up with geography should not be a limiting factor. A USB stick can be used as a virtual boot folder where you can build dozens of boot options. It has the potential to be handled regardless of where you run your platform.
  • STAY PREPARED: In addition to reducing disaster preparedness, it can also be used for power backup or recovery. You can count on EasyBCD's options to keep you prepared for any situation.
  • BE COMPLEX: Defining flags, booting complex scenarios, and even hiding partitions is all options. Have the ability to customize to your level without compromise.
  • SIMPLE GUI: A user cringes at the thought of program UIs in computer programs. is usually complicated and difficult for most people to follow. This is called EasyBCD, because it can be difficult to pronounce. It is easy to chose your boot options in a simple point-and-click interface. If you're pressing a mouse or a switch, then you can start switching to Linux from Windows.

Regardless of your system's complexity or diversity of booting needs, EasyBCD is a superb tool for that particular purpose. In this sense, it is a safe place to work. Using it provides a sense of security, confidence and a comfort, ensuring that they will be able to respond to any situation.. It is easy to maintain, thanks to its ease of care.Users of computers should find this helpful because it offers problem-solving capabilities.

A USB boot is made easy thanks to EasyBCD.

The EasyBCD and boot options of EasyBCD are the same as those found in other utilities. Scripting can even be added to this tool to make users' lives easier. There are automated steps for hiding or showing partitions, or for changing the flags for active windows.

EasyBCD 2.0.1 (1.31 MB)
EasyBCD (1.31 MB)
It isn't for me to determine whether this software is helpful. although it has a few benefits that could be of benefit, I wouldn't use it in my situation. Having the option to run a software program on several different platforms may be convenient.
Format and partition your drives can be tricky without Windows, but if you want to run a different operating system, EasyBCD is able to do so twice as fast. The Windows version of EasyBCD for Windows offered this functionality to me before I discovered EasyBCD. Recovery utilities can work as well when Safe Mode is required. My multiple troubles have been sorted out using EasyBCD for Windows.
Joseph German
Because it is very easy to use, it is in a class by itself. Basically, it updates our booting environment on Windows. simply by clicking the button and the software starts running. You can basically boot any computer anywhere, so if you have a problem, it won't matter where you are.
I appreciate how easy it is to add new entries and edit existing ones with this program. There are also advanced features that I found to be extremely useful in setting tricks. There is a very good navigation system in place. This is a good thing for me.
The EasyBCD Windows tool is an easy-to-use program that lets you configure and tweak your device's setup to keep it running in the proper configuration.
Bootload Windows BCD on easy BCD for Windows using Windows BCD and its user interface. In this manner, it gives the bootloader a face lift for Windows Vista and higher. PC users who wish to dual-task should get it right.Start Windows with another operating system (such as Linux).e. Linux-based Ubuntu). In addition to its incredible benefits, this incredible piece of software has many others!! A lot of problems with Windows can be easily solved by EasyBCD, including creating bootable USB disks. You can also edit the registry entries for easy logging. I absolutely recommend this extremely robust piece of software.
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