Easy Grade Pro

Replaces a teacher's traditional written gradebook with a digital version

Operating system: Windows

Release: Easy Grade Pro 4.0.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Easy Grade Pro is a teacher's new best friend. This tool provides all the tools teachers need to better teach the students and is easier to maintain because it gives them the ability to make better classroom observations while not running a lot of administrative tasks. Classroom Assistant automates the steps, grades, behavior books, and seating chart found in the old teacher's notebook, and replaces it all in one easy and straightforward format that works on all major devices.


  • This program is used by teachers to analyze grades, attendance, and other data to determine a teacher's grade average for both the individual student and the classroom as a whole. teachers learn what their curriculum needs to be re emphasized, how they can succeed with their students, if they are having any difficulty with their students, and how well they are able to carry on the classroom culture.
  • There is an education section on the site that provides teachers with the ability to reassign students in case that their current seating arrangement is hindering their student's learning.
  • A number of features such as this allow for the creation of multiple reports based on various criteria, plus you can include a number of classes and subjects in each classroom and measure how each school's curriculum or class is doing.
  • Using our modular design, you will be able to customize the search filter, in addition to adding native tools (such as custom filters or built-in filter support).In an e-mail reply, use the student name or task assignment). It is suitable for classrooms as well as all grade levels. There is the option of studying multiple subjects.
  • Using the email function, you can easily send progress reports to students or parents from within the program right away. There's also the option to share information with school or district webservers through this site.

As ever-Teachers are underincreasing pressure, and they should be able to function smarter to be more effective with their students, rather than tracking down grade averages and submitting progress reports. Every teacher should take advantage of this software for reasons such as saving time, and improving their student success.

In addition, it reduces both the amount of time and effort needed to keep up with grades, attendance, and other aspects of education.
It's the perfect tool for a teacher to keep their grades up. Teachers can attend to administrative needs while using all the software tools they need to perform their duties efficiently. This consists of a teacher's notebook, a grade book, a behavioral book. Simple teacher life is made easier with this software, which calculates class progress in one program.
John Keck
Logging and keeping track of students is what Easy Grade Pro is all about. Although I find it unfair that it contains a free trial, since I don't get to experience it completely before I buy it, even if what I experienced in the demo is true, it nevertheless seems like worth buying. While some may decide to purchase it, I am confident it will work and perform as intended. Since there would be no rush, I would not place my purchase of this product at risk. It's easy and cost-effective to store grades like you'd in a grade book in dozens of other ways.
Using Easy Grade Pro for Windows can benefit teachers because it allows them to interact with their students more, and still maintain their administrative needs.
This teaches, trains, and creates learning and development software DEVELOPED BY Bis Software, based in New York City. Easy Grade Pro will allow you to quickly and easily build your own grading system, which has various capabilities for your style of teaching. Teachers can also assign a truly easy grading grade that is truly intuitive. With it, you can develop a grade book which shows students all the material about the subject and the course you are taking. There is a lot of storage space in Easy Grade Pro for that purpose.
It gives people such as teachers easy access to detailed monitoring of their students through easy grade grade Pro for Windows. This application takes over the function of copying student notes into teacher notebooks. The program is an outstanding software. It is best for all users, as it allows them to be more efficient in time and more efficient with a higher workload. The process makes it easier to do everyday tasks.
Considering the fact that you can access an electronic gradebook using Easy Grade Pro, but you're not just going to have a gradebook to use. As an example, using Easy Grade Pro I was able to save time since all grades and attendance have been consolidated for this project. Additionally, I have the ability to quickly create reports so students, administrators, and parents can receive them.
Designed specifically for educational use, this software helps to keep student transcripts in sync. Students may create a digital grade book and securely access information throughout all of their classes and subjects using it.
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