Look2Skype logo
A plug-Additionally, Microsoft Outlook includes video chat features and instant messaging capabilities.
Express Assist logo
File Sync/Restore is the best application for storing all types of data quickly and easily.
eMill logo
EMill is your preferred option for handling email communication.
World Cup 2006 fixture list logo
schedule uses an application that is used to arrange the schedule of World Cup 2006, based on data from the fixtures and weather.
Zimbra Desktop logo
Your emails can be synchronized with one program installed in Windows.
Windows Live Mail logo
The Windows App store provides a free email service and a software app.
Sendblaster logo
It is the best program for bulk emails of your mailing list with SendBlaster.
Direct Mail Robot logo
You can send a personalized email message to your customers, subscribers, or friends this way.
Mozilla Thunderbird logo
Windows system users can customize their emails using this free and interactive email application.
IncrediMail logo
Using an application for Windows Processor, download mail for Windows.
Atomic Email Hunter logo
There is a collection of email addresses on it. You can store information about each person's email account, including names from different websites.
The Bat! Professional logo
With a built-in email client, Windows can be customized in ways that are impressive.
Free Mail Commander logo
A portable e-User-friendly mail program llet with user-friendly interface
The Bat! logo
Emailers who prefer a secure desktop environment get access to this email client.
Mailbird logo
An easy, elegant and attractive way to send emails. Windows 2020 allows you to manage multiple accounts with the best email client.
Opera Mail logo
The client was part of the original Opera web browser package.
eM Client logo
Syncing Windows with Gmail, Hotmail and other services from a fast email client.
DreamMail logo
Maintain a unified inbox list Manage multiple emails in one spot
YakYak logo
There are many desktop clients with which to chat. Among them is Google's Hangouts.
Sync2 for Outlook logo
When you use the Outlook program on another PC, you'll sync Outlook data.
Inky logo
Windows users can use Inky's minimicelist email client.
TouchMail logo
Users of older operating systems will be able to connect to email via their laptop's email service.An easy way to carry out daily tasks via a touch screen.