by ExKode Co. Ltd

DirextX and OpenGL's movie capture tools are designed for this purpose.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ExKode Co. Ltd

Release: Dxtory 2.0.142

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Dxtory allows you to record media from audio and video sources and save them in a multitude of formats. Interested users can sign up for free or pay a fee for a paid trial.


  • Free Trial
  • Multiple save formats.
  • Make use of different sources to record sound.
  • Customize options

The interface of the Dxtory application is easy to use and should allow you to find everything that you would need to begin capturing your desired media. Dxtory's main menu gives you access to its global options, hotkeys, screenshot, video, and audio settings for when you are using the tool. Although the standard tools available for your use, there are also more obscure tools available as well. There are some tools where overlay settings can be switched by the user - can be changed to a color-In addition, the codes for defining frames and status indicators are in use. Besides the option to customize screenshots, margin, scaling, and even the ability to clip screenshot have numerous options for selecting your preferred screen time.

It captures media quickly and can be used to play back a song without changing it.

With Dxtory's capture algorithms, you can record video and audio straight onto surface memory with no need to insert any lines of code that require constant processing. It also allows for fast, yet quality recordings with no changes on any memory surface. As with recording audio, one can capture audio not just from one source like a video but also the microphone in and out of the room. For example, if you're playing a game, have the ability to record, or wish to, Dxtory works great on your computer, although there is a watermark on the recorded material. You can also access Dxtory's audio and video sources through third-party software providers. Clipstory is an easy-to-use application designed to let you automatically record videos and audio so you'll be able to watch them later. In addition to recording its contents in high quality, this program also provides an enjoyable viewing experience for those watching it.

Runs on:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

- For use during a free trial, a watermark may apply.

Dxtory 2.0.133 (3.59 MB)
Dxtory 2.0.135 (5.69 MB)
Dxtory 2.0.136 (5.77 MB)
Dxtory 2.0.138 (5.73 MB)
Dxtory 2.0.139 (5.74 MB)
Dxtory 2.0.140 (5.74 MB)
Dxtory 2.0.141 (5.74 MB)
Dxtory 2.0.142 (5.75 MB)
Xavier Long
A decade ago was the right time to create Dxtory, which had video capture capabilities. You should really consider this for those of you interested in recording video and audio from games using DirectX or OpenGL. As long as you do not run a trial and error on this software, it is not messed with. The function can be used to take photos from different sources, and to stream and upload videos to YouTube is suitable for users who do this.
Daniela Beltz
With Dxtory you can record media from DirectX and OpenGL applications, while capturing visual and audio. This product has an extremely high performance, making recording audio and video very easy and completely safe. Video uploaders like to access this as a gamer to stream on or search for content on YouTube.
I personally am a huge fan of Dynamics for Windows, because it is incredibly lightweight and user-friendly and provides an intuitive interface. Screenshot capture tools are tailored to make capturing best captures! Film recording is one of the most important components of DirectX/OpenGL application. Using this memory replacement tool, you will get no blur from directly touching video data.
Benjamin Padilla
In the future, Dxtory is able to store shows and movies. There is extensive recording quality, audio, and video. However, it is possible to reduce the quality for greater storage capacity. Besides these, you can make screenshots by taking them with a recording device, and put them on a video so that you can see what you say.
One thing we can do while playing ly during play, Dxtory provides the ability to change what graphic settings are appropriate for the device, and is available as either a paid or a free trial version.
You can capture film clips from DirectX and OpenGL games using DisThru. There is support for Windows for taking pictures of the movie. It has high-Using it, storage is just a slight amount of memory. In this way, video data is directly observed by the computer. As the Dxtory record multiple audio sources, it records data on the memory surface as long as it is still contained in the memory.
A screen recorder like this is worth watching out for. There is the ability to play.mp4,.wmv,.flv,.mpg and various other formats. Having MP4 on hand is crucial to my functionality. It is also convenient to highlight your slides on your mouse. But there's one plus - overlaying possibilities are available as well. The addition of such cool features is in addition to these. Add caption suggestions, replace backgrounds with green screens, etc.
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