DVD Shrink

by dvdshrink & ATyC Group

Software to backup DVD Discs for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: dvdshrink & ATyC Group

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Back up DVDs with DVDsShrink, an application that allows you to record and retrieve them. If you create a copy of your DVDs with just the DVD burner, you can burn files to optical discs. The Nero program can write the disks contained within your system if installed. Discs will be prepared on the hard disk according to your preferences if other programs aren't suitable for it.

It's a copy of what you are looking for.protected. A DVD with commercial movies is often encrypted, so that if they are duplicated to a hard drive or if you happen to do so, they won't be shown to you. You can skip all the known disk encryption algorithms with DVDShrink.

Additionally, one reason you cannot duplicate discs is that the size of the factory discs is too large to fit on one disc.layer DVD-R disc. In this way, the compression technology reduces the size of such films. It is also possible to manage what movies are accessed on a DVDShrink. Whether you create several source discs yourself, or pick only the part of your copy you'd like to put it on - that's up to you. The video quality will not change with this method and disk space will be reduced.

Furthermore, the program is free of charge and easy to use. There is no charge for your license.

With DVD Shrink software, you will have access to a great variety of capabilities for free. By combining with your own program, you can burn files to DVDs, bypassing the use of disc encryption for the DVD, make use of DVD stacking with compression to create collections of content for copying and backdating. This design makes a lot of sense for movie lovers, I think.
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