DVD Flick

by DVD Flick

Takes video files on your PC and turns them into a DVD

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DVD Flick

Release: DVD Flick

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DVD Flick allows users the ability to burn videos on your PC into a DVD. Video settings, audio quality, volume, and resolution are controlled by you. You can almost finish burning the disc if you douse with a video editor. Simple to use, this program is very easy to use and very simple to learn. Operating systems with the basic Microsoft Windows platform, such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, work well with this application. Videos from forty-five different file types, such as window media formates, avi, mp4, and more can be managed by DVD Flick. Sublingual subtitles are also available in any language, in any manner, and customized. The DVD Flick product in this space has a great reputation for ratings. Americans and UK citizens mostly prefer the software to the opposite as much as anybody else. As far as the software itself is concerned, it only consumes up a very small 40 megabyte RAM. Only a few of today's most popular programs can compare to this. The program also works very fast, with users able to allot CPU usage power to the program in order to run faster or slower to most efficiently manage your time.


  • Add your own subtitles
  • Edit screen resolution
  • Free version
  • forty-five file formats

DVD Flick works better than other DVD burners because it has many more options that you can use. A device that does everything - except to insert and remove discs - in one package. DVD players and video game lovers can enjoy watching old-style movies on a device with this tool. It is also a useful tool for those who prefer hard storage units for there videos, as opposed to videos saved on the cloud or on a hard drive.

It lets you add subtitles

Many people are of the opinion that the software uses too much processor power. Depending on the version of the poerating system as well as the type of training available to the individual.

I like the idea of using DVD Flick to store videos I have taken in hard copy. Its simplicity is great. I believe it would work pretty well. Your work takes less than 40MB and can make subtitles! After you burn your videos to hard copy, it is a good idea to clear some unused space on your computer so you can make room for newly created video and images.
Fraser Janes
A movie called DVD Flick did exactly what I was looking for and I wasn't aware of it at the time. Having been sick of watching movies on my laptop screen, my new DVD flick enabled me to go on to a DVD so I could watch the movies straight on my big screen with my laptop. Using these can be done very easily and efficiently.
You can find DVDs on DVD Flick for Windows at the Internet. All individuals who need an Internet connection can use the online source. Basically, it works by uploading videos of your favorites and combining them into a high-quality image. Its main function is to compile the videos that you upload into DVDs. You can create an added tool called a DVD menu to place orders on DVD discs. This is an excellent solution for Windows with DVD Flick.
When I discovered DVD Flick for Windows, I immediately started looking for DVD authoring software. My ideal software for computer use is this program. Using it, you can develop small Linux programs. You can use it without any concerns. Using a Px64 processor requires it. A processor compatible with AMD is available here. DVD discs, which were in the garage, can now be created in my own home. How fun.
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