by Oleksandr Roslov

With this software you can search or remove duplicate or similar files easily and efficiently.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Oleksandr Roslov

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DupKiller is a program for quick search and removal of duplicate files on your computer. DupKiller allows you to search for copies of files not only by name, size or time of creation, but also by content - The amount of allowed matches that a user specifies. There is a mask search function for this. In contrast with other similar programs, this program dramatically speeds up your search process using algorithms.

- An easy to install program that does not require any programming.install option. - It's never a good idea to install adware or spyware because they hide your activities. - You can install this application on removable media devices such as CD/DVDs, floppy disks, or any other removable disk media.A rom, USB device, etc. The Windows Explorer must be opened from the original or matching files directory. Use the scanning tool to check that thefolder/file is hidden. Turn on scanning and storage.You can only view and manage the subfolders and files.

an interface that cannot be utilized by the casual computer user or everyday person. Ideally, you need some familiarity with computers to make use of the product, not personal experience or the knowledge of any fellow person. you will eventually, eventually, get one to stick if you keep trying.
In DupKiller, duplicate files are determined using a sophisticated algorithm, available on every computer. Mask searches are included with the software, enabling tedious tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently. Easy installation and compatibility with every removable media device make this product suitable for your home. It is possible to uninstall DupKiller at any time as well.
Using only one program, you can maintain the speed and functionality of your computer. It is comforting to know I can not have another function I need.A more constructive view is that the Icon looks cheap and unattractive.
When I install Dupkiller on my computer, duplicate files can be deleted. The process is quite safe and easy. You can also uninstall it quickly and easily if you're done with it. As an extra measure of my patience, I used it to eliminate numerous files I had accumulated over time and that I was not able to remove from my computer.
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