by DuckLink

Make screen captures - quick, easy, and painless

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DuckLink

Release: DuckCapture 2.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DuckCapture is simple, sleek, free, and provides perfect screen captures. Resources are light, and the program is simple to use. many add-ons, including font functions for typing directly on the picture and a button for grabbing the screen.


  • Supports many file types, such as BMP, JPG, and PDF
  • There are four types of screenshot types through DuckCapture - Region, window, scrolling, and fullscreen
  • You can place automatic naming conventions and hotkeys through the program
  • Extra-It's possible to create longer screenshots, even if they're more than one page long.
  • Easy to use, seamless screenshots that look perfect and professional
  • Quick and efficient screenshots that can be used immediately after capturing.

You can screenshot with DuckCapture. Using screenshots on your computer is an excellent way to prepare professional-looking pictures for presentations, social media posts, and slideshows. TheDuckCapture technology allows these pictures to be captured smoothly - for free! This kind of screenshot capture application is expensive but Duck Capture provides a list of free screen captures that can be applied to other editing applications.

DuckCapture features a free and safe download

DuckCapture features three save formats. Therefore, any laptop can take screenshots in a number of formats with this feature. Besides four capture settings, this program also features multiple document capture options. It's typical for screenshot applications to only offer one setting, but DuckCapture offers free access to all four capture options. Additionally, Duck Capture includes its users with a keyboard shortcut that permits faster and more efficient screen capture.

You can have access to over 41 thousand users of DuckCapture. There is a new version of the application.6.As of today, there are 0 known bugs in this program. Technology is more rapidly and continuously developed with this approach. It runs with Windows XP and offers English support. As developer, DuckLink has experience creating programs to help customers solve other problems and he has been responsible for DuckCapture for years.

  • Free and Adfree
Drew Moyer
I assume DuckCapture already performs a task available even without installing the software. Though I'm not as proficient at editing text on screen as I like, this option to screenshot only a portion allows me to do so without further editing. Yet it does not appear it offers any additional screenshot capabilities, though I do not consider myself to be an expert in screenshot software.
The Duckcapture app is an intelligent and beautifully packaged application that permits you to capture your computer screen, process your documents, as well as open them anywhere and at anytime. It is very intuitive to use and easy for the app to run.
This program lets you track regions of your screen and is offered free of charge by DuckLink Software. In a sense, creating and sharing an image using the tool is perfect. You will be able to capture things in a number of ways this way. We offer Capture a Window, Capture a Region, Capture a Tall Web Page, and Annotation Tools. In addition to the above, multiple windows can also be captured.
Having many innovative features does seem to make DuckCapture stand out. A variety of different capture modes can be utilized to get the perfect shot, such as manual mode. This program allows you to extend areas of the capture to add annotations and text. Auto-restart is also provided by the software.scroll. Generally speaking, I consider this product as having an essential role in a Windows user's lifestyle.
Jayden Harrigan
Those with disabilities are also helped by those software. Taking a screenshot can be useful while on the go or studying a special subject.
can be applied to make a series of captures of the windows' screens that is quick and simple to use. You can use it at any time.
What a great rendering of the natural scene to use SmoothDraw. It supports a variety of tools and is compatible with thousands of styles, like brushes, pencilists, and erasers. There is nothing wrong with it, i.e. Excellent. The app can load and save files like PNG created in this application. Drawing options are displayed in a variety of ways. Two-dimensional drawing software for the user; I think it ranks highly overall.This version is compatible with more computers.
Among the many abilities of DuckCapture is that it is very user-friendly, and easily accessible.friendly. In Duck Capture, screenshots are mostly taken in a specific order (a scroll, a full screen, or a region), as well as many other screenshot options. Furthermore, DuckCapture has a screenshot capture option for creating hotkeys/ shortcuts with the aim of saving screenshots / nicknames / configurations to your desktop and Mac. I would certainly recommend the tool to anyone!
What a good software! Even though the way the web is runs is smooth and efficient, it has plenty of font options and color options for users.coding. There is no delay in either the browser opening or the browser closing thanks to Windows' open and close options. We created everything with simplicity and at the same time to make user's life easy. This is a 100% recommendation for me.
We love screen-perhaps on the grounds that utility access could yield great profits. The auto scroll highlight of DuckCapture made the whole process a little more exciting. In a regrettable turn of events, DuckCapture wasn't the only one we trusted. The system does an excellent job generally; However, there was a weakness with it for us.
Canvas, whole screens, windows, or a selected subset of the window can be captured with tools like duck capture. It is usual to use your printer to upload screenshot files and edit them with paint.
A versatile program for PCs with integrated multifunctional capabilities, DuckCapture for Windows lets you capture video of graphics, or audio, quickly and efficiently. The keyboard shortcut settings allow the user to save to a different format for three different characters while using a different keypad.screen capture settings. Although most of the software cannot be edited, extra shots can be captured while using it.The scrolling function that uses the above-the-screen to scroll past the page is seen here in long screenshot.
My favorite program, DuckCapture for Windows, allows me to collect my screen and document it. It has an intuitive interface. You just need to select the part of your screen you wish to record and capture when prompted. All the snapshots or partial sections and even your entire screen can be recorded if you prefer.
Taking care of screenshots on DuckCapture may be a challenge, but it's easy to do. Among the features is a window and full-screen mode. This particular interface is really easy to navigate, and it's very nice. There is a good look to it and it looks pretty neat. Its primary advantage is its ability to capture all the action. There are no editing options with the screen captures.
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