by Jays2Kings

Emulates a PS4 controller, allowing you to use DualShock 4 on your PC

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jays2Kings

Release: DS4Windows 1.4.52

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DS4Windows is incredibly simple. In spite of the fact that it may sound complicated, download it, run it, and it should work just fine, as long as you have already installed the necessary 360 controllers driver on your computer. Once you've connected to the device you've configured your mode to have a Bluetooth connection or a USB connection - if that is more convenient for you. If you do choose this approach, you'll either have one full-sized 360 controller available for PC use or the total is limited to one. By playing games directly on PC and connecting your PC to this network, this will result in an even greater number of games being compatible.


  • Quick and easy installation – no technical expertise needed
  • Ability to play through wired USB or through Bluetooth, whichever you prefer
  • Additional input functions mimic input from a controller
  • Multiple player profiles can be created for maximum customization options

DS4Windows is a gamer’s dream, as it works as an emulator for DualShock 4 and allows you to maximize the potential of your PC’s gaming capacity. buttons through automatic navigation, meaning users can now map button movements without guesswork or confusion. You can find out how to use DualShock 4 with most PC games by using DS4Windows.

You are able to play a greater number of games with DS4Windows than previously available on your PC.

The program is simple to set up, and you can customize the settings to best meet your requirements when you launch it. The setting of controllers can be tailored to suit a number of different types of games if you choose a variety of profiles. By swiping the touchpad rapidly to toggle between profiles, you will have access to several different lightbars. If you prefer you can use your program to switch your game profiles automatically when you play a particular game.

A customized version of the game was developed for the needs of the gamer. The features are intuitive and straightforward yet can be personalized accordingly. With DS4Windows, anyone can be a DualShock 4 user and feel like they're living their lives without the player.. The most exciting thing is that all these things are all together - and they all make sense. The DS4Windows download is 100% free!

Nick Ellis
You can emulate Sony's PlayStation 4 controllers by running this program on computers.
An unprobed controller can prove to be quite expensive if you plan to update them. In addition, doing it wirelessly is even worse. By using this software, controllers can be automatically connected to computers anywhere and at any time. All hard parts of this software can be eliminated with this plug-in....Despite technological advances, it is still essential.impared.
Your computer can benefit from this software. Installing it on your computer is simple. Bluetooth devices such as Apple products and Sony products are compatible with this software. Once you download it, it will work as soon as it is installed. With this program installed on a computer, it is a cool feature.
A gaming device controller can be connected to Windows using this program. PS4 and XBOX controllers as well as some other devices can be used with DS4Windows. It is a very stable software that is very easy to download and to use. Those considering trying other programs should definitely try this software first.
Depending on the type of console you play on, you will be able to adjust the controller at various points to enjoy various types of video games. By doing this software, for example, it can switch you can do things like automatically switching profiles and mapping the buttons and sticks to new games. There is a bit of technical knowledge involved, but it is fairly simple.Get your new software to be downloadable and connected to your controller for the first time.
Evan Thornhill
Use X360-For example, input the DS4 in new games. Turn it in different ways, for extra action. Using the touchpad as a mouse may allow for multiple actions simultaneously. You can also modify its behavior dynamically by battery level and/or by creating and executing macros. Map your buttons and sticks to other 360 controllers or keyboard actions Map or keyboard actions or macros Use profiles on the controller Automatically switch profiles by when a particular program runs in that row: Click to open
Using a controller attached to my computer sounds wonderful. I imagine you will have to learn a lot of things, and those younger will have a lot more experience. While the program is unlikely to be suitable for typing, it can be useful for several other tasks as well. If you want to try this product, I would be happy to hear from you.
gamer, as they use a controller for playing games, to use a wonderful piece of software to facilitate their gaming. User interfaces are super simple to use and understandable with an intuitive design, allowing you to gain insights into the controller's battery. PS4 controllers can have even more settings, and I enjoyed being able to switch from grays to brights. An interesting piece of software that allows controllers to be connected to PC games.
In fact, Nintendo Switches 4 can be used to play PC games with the DS4Windows application. You can easily set up Windows rsy to set-up, extremely light-Additionally, users can get an assortment of options to choose from to maximize their PS4 controller's power and portability. The game can be played on PCs as well as on PS2 and Xbox 360, with unique lighting, button shortcuts, wired and wireless features. This is a significant improvement over your previous game.
You will be able to use it as a portable gaming program so you can control the X-perience from wherever.Dualshock 4 controllers are needed for a box 360 controller. With a combination of unique features, it enables all gamers to have the best gaming experience possible. Your PC becomes a games hub. Using your PC, you will be able to enhance your gaming skills. You can begin enjoying your favorite games right now by downloading the app.
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