by Niels Maier

There's nothing easier than DownThemAll - and it's super browser will be made to enable you to download larger files faster with the extension you download from here.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Niels Maier

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WARNING: A development agreement has expired and the program no longer exists. The latest version is available on our website.

DownThemAll! - With the addition of this feature, Moziilla Firefox browser can be transformed into a multifunctional download manager with a powerful acceleration mechanism.

Almost every web page on the planet can be downloaded using this plugin, which is available in any browser. add-on, which provides the opportunity to selectively download and/or remove entire pages if you desired, it can be used for greater user efficiency. The extensions enable to restore data without losing it, also having the ability to stop and resume adding downloads. As well as changing the download speed, there are limits as to the number of parallel downloads each individual can use per frame. FTP and HTTP are both methods of uploading to an image.

DownThemAll has a built-in acceleration feature which allows downloading downloads in parts as well as supporting multi-URL formatting with the Metalink format.Using these options, a fairly high download speed is guaranteed even when connected to slow servers.

DownThemAll! Completely free software with a user-friendly interface.No unnecessary settings or puzzles need to be created in this russified interface. If you want to use the functionality of the plugin, simply select the extension tool context menu and right click on your desired website.

There is no charge for this plug-in.You need to install Mozilla Firefox as a web browser extension. As of now, the developer of this application has discontinued it, but it sounds like it would download several files simultaneously on a webpage, therefore decreasing waiting times. Users could choose and download files on a page or download only selected documents.
The Firefox add-on Downthemall allows you to download files at faster speeds using a download feature. We regret to inform you that the software is no longer produced. This program may not work at the last moment, but you can still download it from the web.
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