For Windows, you can use a Gamecube and WII emulator.

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Dolphin is a Wii, Gamecube and Triforce emulator that lets you play games for these consoles right on your computer. You can use this program with any level of knowledge, but if you are just starting out, you shouldn't explore its program settings. A large number of parameters exist, and only a few of them apply to advanced users. In general, in order to start a game on Dolphin, you just need to specify the path to its image, all the rest of the program will do yourself. The emulator launched games that were launched on the console as well as those that went on.

It contains the features mentioned above, which are mostly absent from FPS subsidence through the game. Initially, the software supports the standard controller of Xbox 360, and it can also be customized for keyboard controls. Wiimotes and other accessories are not supported by the program. But Dolphin does come with cheat engines and also supports most platforms.called amateur images. This software can be understood by a complicated set of instructions contained in the program.

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