by Hugh Patterton

A proprietary software used in the analysis of DNA samples

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hugh Patterton

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software is proprietary, DNAssist however has a free trial run which offers clients an opportunity to test the software before they actually buy it. In big, custom labs with large sections of DNA analysis they are performed by this software.A computer is then what, by this application, makes this important software accessible to every consumer.

This design is simple and works well for such software since excessive graphics are not the biggest priority. An intuitive and easy to use interface features visual buttons which allow you to move parts of the file, cut and paste them, print it, redo the print, undo, erase, save, as well as save new options.

There are numerous tabs at once inside it, including a file tab, an edit panel, a convert panel, an analyze panel, an options panel, a views panel, a windows panel, among others. This software provides copying, cutting, and pasting functions that are natural and intuitive to many offices. On the application's options tab there is a feature for changing the font size, type, and length, as well as other information about the software which can be found through a separate tools tab.

Several functions can be performed through the convert tab including circularity, linearity, reverse geometry.Reverse translation occurs when DNA is translated into RNA, DNA becomes DNA, and DNA becomes proteins. By analyzing DNA sequences for amino sequences, a technician can develop a different sequence. This can be in 1 phase, 3 phase, or 6 phase. A ernal can also find patterns in output and its ORFs. As a sample is studied under the analyze tab by the application, its properties are determined by its properties of physical, catalytic, optical, and biological properties. Furthermore, this tab offers other features such as restriction mapping, transcription factors, nucleosome positions, alignment, randomize of samples, and more.

The application is fast in its installation and the package itself is small therefore beneficial to small laboratory or for educational purposes

  • A wide array of analysis features such as DNA sequence translation, restriction mapping, transcription factors, nucleosome positions, etc
  • Features common to any windows window and word processor
  • Easy to use interface which is clutter-free and basic enough for the task
  • Easily identifiable shortcut buttons that have common and intuitive graphics
  • Change the font size, type, and length
It provides tools for editing and analyzing DNA samples to the Windows operating system. Having the same format as a word processor makes it far more user-friendly throughout as soon as people install it. Additionally, you get the option for creating multiple editor windows, which can be incredibly handy and a bit of a lifesaver.