by Dmitry Sidorov

A program for data searching, editing, and recovery on disk drives, for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dmitry Sidorov

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DMDE is a comprehensive software for finding and recovering lost and intentionally deleted data from the hard drive. The program works equally well with NTFS and FAT file systems and is one of the best tools for information recovery to date. A number of other features such as detecting compressed files and recovering sectors can also be utilized.

Key features of DMDE also include the ability to work in a portable mode and to recognize file names in different encodings. Versions of the program now include the capability of creating full-disk images. As simple as it sounds, the application works. Once the analysis has been finished, the user is only required to select the files he/she wants to recover. In addition to the ease and excitement of the recovery process, high speed of operation will help.

- In addition, does not require any installation and runs easily on a portable media device.

- Simple, minimalist interface;

- Works with sectors and creates disk images;

- This process includes working with compressed phaloms:

- File recovery by batch process can be performed.

As a result of DMDE, I recovered some files I'd previously deleted from my computer. accidentally deleted some files that I didn't intend to remove while batch deleting my computer hard drive. This file restoration was made possible thanks to DMDE. Thanks, DMDE!
When an Accidental Windows format is detected, it is simple and affordable to recover from.
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