DjVu Browser Plug-in

by Cuminas Corporation

A plug-in specifically designed to view DjVu images

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Cuminas Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DjVu Browser Plug-in is an add-on for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome that allows you to open .DJVU and .Browser-based DJV files are directly linked to your computer.

We need to remind you that DjVu is the closest competing PDF format intended for storing files and compressting such documents on a single or all devices. These devices cannot fail at changing the original formatting while the file is compressed. déj vu's compression mechanism causes significant file sizes when matched to the Quality of the File in order to make them appear smaller than a regular PDF.

Opening a document in the browser window you can view it, browse pages, zoom in and out, use a ruler, rotate the document by 90 degrees, and save or print an open file.

After installing the plugin, when you first launch Internet Explorer will ask you to enable or ignore the new plugin; In order to install the extension, you need to create an account in the Chrome Web Store.

DjVu Browser Plug-The tool can be opened by Chrome and Internet Explorer.DJVU and .Using the Internet browser of DJV you can browse your files directly. DjVu basically refers to viewing something high-density visual.You can access resolution images in your browser from here. Additionally, document storage is more advanced and features multiple colour layers. Maps, articles, and technical manuals are examples of these materials. While it makes for an impressive extension, there's not much use for the little space it occupies. The program can be mixed with limited languages, but it cannot be mixed with Chinese or Russian.
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