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File transfer and app backup software. Transfer files between your computer and iPhone

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DigiDNA

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is a trusted software to transfer and save music, messages, files, and data it can safely back up any iPhone,iPad or iPod touch, powerful and user-friendly


  • Transfer files
  • backup apps
  • Transfer music
  • Transfer Books Photos Messages Contacts
  • iOS Management
  • File Manager
  • App data transfer
  • Backup Extractor

DiskAid app is used to take the backup of your phones. You can't go wrong with this software. A dedicates step by step assistance helps you move your iPhone content easily It's simple and secure

One of the best iOS device manager for Windows!

A disk assistance system ensures complete control of the transfer of iPhone data. A disk support system lets you choose whether to backup iOS apps and how much data you prefer to take back. Among the things you'll be able to do with the new iPhone is to change batteries. This clone app can also send everything you own on your iPhone Messages and Calls to your contact book in Voicemail and the iPhone Messages app; the history in iPhone Messages, call history in Voicemail, Safari bookmarks and data from Safari Bookmarks, Apple Watch Health, the Apple Apple Health apparound app.

Also, you may set up editable blueprint backups which allow you to restore to multiple iOS devices simultaneously the apps you add to or remove from the blueprint, along with which files will be copied as they appear in the app list.

This software allows us to configure when and how much data should be backed up by an organization every morning, every evening, or every week. You can back up dozens of backups without crowding your hard drive, restore any kind of backup within weeks if not months, or view multiple versions of back-ups easily online.

Providing data transfer to the end-user is helpful.to-end encryption. Using WiFi at home is safe, and when using one from anywhere, you can look into old text messages notes or your backup data in just seconds.

  • After the trial, it has three different license pack: single, universal and family
DiskAid 4.6 (3.18 MB)
DiskAid 4.11 (1.97 MB)
DiskAid 4.61 (3.18 MB)
DiskAid 4.64 (3.18 MB)
DiskAid 5.01 (3.92 MB)
DiskAid 5.09 (3.93 MB)
DiskAid 5.12 (3.93 MB)
DiskAid 5.42 (3.91 MB)
DiskAid 5.46 (3.93 MB)
DiskAid 5.48 (3.91 MB)
DiskAid 6.4.7 (12.17 MB)
DiskAid 6.5.2 (12.22 MB)
DiskAid 6.5.3 (12.22 MB)
DiskAid 6.5.6 (12.25 MB)
DiskAid 6.6.2 (12.87 MB)
DiskAid 6.6.5 (12.92 MB)
DiskAid 6.7.5 (14.13 MB)
My entire system, laptop, and phone have been backed up many times by diskaid, and although this hasn't let me do so now, I'd like to get the benefit back. The tool can open, extract, and store backup images that require attention. These include photos of important work, business, or project entries. Whether you have an important file or you are just looking to back it up, remove errors or reinstall your programs and apps from diskaid, diskaid protects it with its backup and retrieval, restore programs, and re-install programs. the transferring of photo files and other types of multimedia files from the computer on your phone to the computer on your PC. We are very happy with the things we've done with them so far. You won't lag, will never stutter, won't save your stuff to a ghostie cloud in the sky, and finally you can reinstall them if you need to if necessary. The diskaid is great thanks to all that it does.
Finlay Outlaw
A Mac version of DiskAid allows commands for managing your HDD's life and is compatible with Windows PCs. For the purposes of dozens of awesome functions, Disk Aid won't cost you any money. Contacts, SMS, apps, e-mail, quick transfers, computer and phone records, computer system backups, etc.Those of us who organize our papers and files have been through a lot. For the first time ever, we can have complete access to your files via DiskAid.
For your Apple iPhone or iPad you can use DiskAid, a simple way to import files from your computer to your phone or tablet. There are even ways to take those files to your iPod with you. You can also browse iPhone applications using your computer using the application search feature. As soon as you select this option, you'll be able to copy any files or folders. is super reliable, as well as easy to use.
We created this software for the person who uses a MacBook, other than windows computers and does not have computers of another brand. The use of this can help you transfer items such as books, movies and music as well as send and receive text messages. As part of this, background extraction work is extensive, as is the ability of advanced MacBook users to even download their data at advanced MacBook. What I found in general was extensive content included in IOS' user interface.
It allows you to use your iPad and iPhone through a software application called DiskAid. Files can be transferred between iOS devices and Macs, music can be transferred from the library, and a browser window appears to view all iOS content.
Using the DiskAid app, a person can transfer files from their PC to the iPhone or iPad touch without being bothered with a computer. Once the program is downloaded, the user must run it and connect their iPhone or iPad touch to the PC using the app. When the PC sees the device as a hard disk, it gives them the ability to directly load files on it.
In terms of both Windows and MAC operation environments, it is quite good. Safe transmission and saving of music, messages, files, and data for any trusted program. You can back up any devices safely.
My iPhone has absolutely no doubt loved using this. By connecting my PCs, I can transfer files from one system to another without any hassle. The past few weeks have gone by without any major issues for me associated with this type of solution, since I've become a beginner at the art. You can literally use this app without any problems. Using this software can do the following: Run it, plug in your devices, and move your files. That's it! It is a great investment when you want to save some time and hassle.free software.
By using this software you can backup apps and transfer files across the entire system. A message or music file can be found in the music file. Other programs can also be reinstalled with the program. You can use it on iOS and Mac only. All files, messages, and pictures are not damaged or lost. While it isn't free, the product has all that it can bring to your life and it's worth the investment. Moreover, it can be used to transfer all your files and photos between your computer and your iPhone with ease.
Though this is actually a nice software, despite the fact it could be dangerous, however it would be great, because backing up emails could be difficult, especially when mail is being sent after a while without being linked to another phone.
A similar file format exists for the application we have today, iMazing. There are many more options for feature backups now available, in addition to these. The free version allows you to do pretty much anything while maintaining limits on some. In my opinion, it's one of the simplest softwares out there because of its ease of use. I don't think this tool stands out against others, so it must be purchased in order for you to enjoy the features and unlimited access.
With this app, you can send music files or movies with just a touch of a button. The files can be downloaded from your phone or downloaded from the Itunes store. By using this application, you can access and copy texts right from your phone while saving them in this app and make them easy to print. In addition, this easy-to-use app allows you to export call logs, contacts, and more.
Using DiskAid for Windows will make it easier to make transfers among your IOS devices, your personal computer, etc. My IOS device has been hardwired, but I can transfer all of my files to DiskAid as if it were an old hard drive, and I can transfer as many files as I want in a seamless way. While DiskAid has been running. As a result, music cannot be transferred through DiskAid and therefore requires iTunes, so it remains an important step in preserving music.
Several devices, including iPhones and iPod touches, have DataAid software to transfer files and data from a PC to another device. DiskAid is considered one of the strongest iPhone transfer tools, due to the fact that it allows the user to carry on as a single process. DiskAid was updated to a version called iMazing in 2014, bringing a number of new features to this software. Among them is its ability to back up iOS devices automatically, with wireless access and auto-encrypt. Individuals are still using this software, according to the updated version.
It was convenient for me to transfer files between my iPhone and iPod using this software. This software is well suited for individuals who want to run it alone, but do not want to use the device plugin. The only problem is the music files cannot be transferred.
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