DirectShow FilterPack

by Reino CoRoNe Wijnsma

A free video and audio decoding software for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Reino CoRoNe Wijnsma

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DirectShow FilterPack is a short set of filters (decoders) that will allow you to play different music and video formats. With Fraunhofer MP3 decoded using Windows, you can play MP3 music at the first time.

However, Vorbis audio, unlike MP3 files, is not known how to be handled by Windows. OGG Splitter (and FFDShow) allows Windows to deal with a Vorbis Audio network.

The FFDShow filter package was developed to work with the FFDShow filter plug-in. Audio and video metadata extraction with DirectShow is very strong, such as JPEG / XviD, Vorbis / AAC, and so on. Moreover, it can accomplish a wide range of other purposes. Thus, you can install a single DirectShow FilterPack, instead of some other filter packages that install more than one filter for the same purpose.

The DirectShow program can be used to play media.A variety of media file players exist including Zoom Player, RadLight, Core Media Player, Windows Media Player, and Media Player Classic (MPC). (Note: Because the plugin is intended as an audio player, it is not affected by this.) (Note: As much as we all recognize Media Player Classic (MPC), in addition the most commonly employed Splitter filters, all of those come from the MPC.)


- QuickTime Alternative

- You are not required to install the QuickTime Player and play Quicktime files (MOV, QT) through a Mac with the Safari browser.

- Real Alternative player

- Players of RealMedia files (RA, RM, RAM, RMVB) are compatible with Real Alternative without needing to install RealPlayer.

- This is the Windows Media Player 10 lite edition.

- A version of this package was designed for those who have removed Windows Media Player from their NeoDefender software.


- Gabest - MPA Splitter 1.0.0.-03052006 promotes the separation of MP3-related and MOV-4 related audio files.

- Gabest - OGG Splitter can store the files in OGG or OGM on this support page.

- RadLight - Source filter 1: MPC from filter 1.0.0.There are 4 available in version 4 of the MusePack (MPC) audio software.

- DCoder - This is APE Filter Source 1.Audio files (APE) of Monkey's files (19062004) can be played with the support 0000.

- CoreCodec - Isometric filtering is used with filtered images that are FLAC.4.0.ffmpeg support for FLAC (file audio file format) decoding up to 20 files.

- RadLight - filter for filtering resources 1 by the number of resources.0.0.A ves support for OptimFROG audio files (OFR) playback.

- CoreCodec - WV Splitter (19042005)

- CoreCodec - WV Decoder 1.0.3.WAVPack audio files can be played with WAVG4 (1947).

- DCoder - 0 for the source of the MOD filter.Support for Tracker files - O3, IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD and UMX.

- Gabest - CDDA Reader 1.0.0.During playback of audio CDs you can use this filter: 20032006.

- Gabest - CDXA Reader 1.0.0.This filter permits simultaneous reading of xCDs on the fly and (S) VCDs.

- Gabest - The source filter is 1 for SHOUTcast.0.0.A support for Internet radio stations processing is provided in 2003.

- Gabest - MPEG Splitter 1.0.0.(*3052006)Splitting tools (MP/E, VOB, DAT, TS, TP, etc.) for splittingMPEG1.

- Gabest - MPV decoder 1.0.0.Discus 3 (03052006) decoding both HD/SD and MP4, HD/SD 4: 4: HDMI 4: output 4: port 4: outputs 4: HDMI 4:.

- Gabest - MP4 Splitter (03052006)Splitter (03052006)Splitter (03052006)Splitter (03052006)Splitter (03052006)Splitter (0.0.0) Splitter 1.0.2 (0.0) Splitter (0.0) Splitter (0.0) Splitter 1.0.2 (0.0) Splitter (0.0) Splitter

- Gabest - MKV Splitter 1.0.2.It supports transferring files on Matroska (MKV and MKA).

- Gabest - FLV Splitter 1.0.0.The Flash video file is shared and you can download it ( (03052006).

- Video streams can be decoded using VP62 on On2.

- Gabest - VobSub filter 1.0.1.(20032006)Support for displaying subtitle (built-in) files (STO, SUB, IDX, etc).

- Softella - Despite technical problems with DirectShow Filter Manager 0, viewers do not lose access.5.0.260 (09082005) (DSFM- can create or delete filters from this utility. It allows you to sort, search, add or remove filters directly from DirectShow.

THIS SOFTWARE IS VERY INCOVATION & PUBLISHING IS VERY USE FULL CORRECT THEM The FFDShow filter package was developed to work with the FFDShow filter plug-in. Audio and video metadata extraction with DirectShow is very strong, such as JPEG / XviD, Vorbis / AAC, and so on. Moreover, it can accomplish a wide range of other purposes. Consequently, you no longer need to install more than one filter from the same application; instead, you only need to install one DirectShow FilterPack.
No matter the format of your movie or song, the DirectShow FilterPack has all your musical and video needs covered. I no longer need to download multiple filters with the DirectShow FilterPack. Having such a convenient life has truly appealed to me.
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