Direct Mail Robot

by Angelic Software and STIKK

Allows you to send personalized emails to your customers, subscribers and friends

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Angelic Software and STIKK

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Direct Mail Robot & mdash; Program is designed so it is easily set up for mailing lists. The interface consists of three tabs: the Compose mailĀ» window, where you can edit the text of the message, write the subject, and fill in the field from whom you also have the option of adding files as attachments. The second tab of the Manage List window, the selection of the mailing list to whom the message will be sent, you can add, edit and delete contacts here, for each of them there are several fields with information: Your business name, surname, email, company, location, age group, position, and note may be grouped or blacklisted to prevent spam. There is no room in the Send Mailing tab to begin, cancel, or add any errors. All messages received in this message window will display an error or unsent message.

To begin working with the SMTP server, you must configure it correctly or use the built-in mail server in the setting. The speed of Direct Mail Robot mailing is quite high due to the fact that it sends messages to several threads.

- A mass mailing will e-mail of e-mail of e-mail of e-A variety of mail streams is sent; lls in several streams;

- Simple operation and easy-to-use interface.

- Using the Groups and Groups option, you can make contact groups.

- An external SMTP server or one that comes with a built-in SMTP server may be able to be used.

Get the Direct Mail Robot Windows program if you're looking for a program that can provide you with a wide variety of email. You can not only manage batch emails, but it can also customize the names of your mail and send your messages anywhere and anytime. You can utilize this marketing tool to keep in touch with hundreds of different customers and to stay connected to a very large group of users as well as if you work in the marketing business.
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