by DigiSigner

Secure binding electronic signature

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DigiSigner

Release: DigiSigner 3.3.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DigiSigner is an online electronic signature software which makes signing and sharing documents digitally. Documents with the software can be signed securely and forwarded online, as well as remote contractors and companies doing business on a global scale, without having to travel to the same place to see each other. In a global and now very digital world, DigiSigner allows for parties all across the world reach the same document within minutes closing deals, contracts and agreements fast and securely. You can have 3 documents sent per month for free; the cost depends on how much you use it for. Additionally, Digisigner offers an tutorial with videos to help make sure your company makes a great first impression, and includes easy to use documents to create signatures, use fields in your files for signing, create temples, and create and customize their logo.


  • Besides providing software for all types of companies, Real Estate, Human Resources, Legal, and Small Businesses can easily utilize this service.
  • Documents can be uploaded onto server secured with a firewall and advanced encryption, the document is then signed by the uploader, and then the same document can be shared and sent to other parties involved online.
  • The documents are legally binding, can be recognized in court, and the data is safely secured with encryption.
  • Therefore, transportation and sending official documents is eliminated by using this software. In no time a signer may take part in a form without having to physically carry it.

As a result of DigiSigner, any type of industry can conduct business securely and legally efficiently. The use of singing and sending documents has made it easier to close deals and complete projects faster and more efficiently, especially for firms in all sectors.

In this manner, document integrity occurs and the process of signing a document is reduced. All parties have access to documents securely.
DigiSigner 2.0.1 (3.8 MB)
DigiSigner 2.3 (4.08 MB)
DigiSigner 2.3.3 (4.24 MB)
DigiSigner 3.3.4 (6.48 MB)
Al Snow
Small business owner Kevin O'Connor thanks DigiSigner for saving him time and money. The conversion to digital means I spend less money on paper printers, and I'm more motivated to save the polar bears as well. Additionally, business owners find the ability to send formal agreements over email convenient.
Having trouble verifying my digital signatures, I began using DigiSigner for Windows as a tool. Signed PDF documents can be done this way as well as viewing the PDF files. As part of Adobe Reader's recognition of signatures, Adobe Reader will additionally verify your ownership of the document. You can also sign PDF documents by right-clicking on their icon.You can click and drag DigiSigner onto Windows right from a keyboard.
PDF signing software like DigiSigner is free and easy to use. Take this example from an age during which Covid is ubiquitous- today's usage is astounding.19! DigiSigner has tons of built-in productivity, business software and a variety of private/commercial software options that make digital documents easier to use.
I use DigiSigner every week for professional reasons. When I am on the go, DigiSigner is such a valuable tool. You will find it to be invaluable when saving time. If I am not familiar with how it works, I find that it works great for everyone. I am so grateful for the reprieve that I now do not need to travel around the state of Tennessee to collect signatures from my customers.
The Almighty is indeed awesome, as said above. The life of an optimist is one with DigiSigner for Windows. Using this software, I can sign documents online for free. Each month I get three free documents. This makes it easy for me to keep track of everything. Also, unlike most other documents, signatures are legal. There is only one thing on our plate. That's the most important.
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