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Dia is a simple open source application for drawing and editing diagrams. With this program, you only need what you need to create a particular design of a certain level, so you don't need to carry unnecessary information or functionality. Unlike the commercial version of Windows, Visio is developed in a user-friendly way, so the documentation is not completely developed.

- It is easy to produce different kinds of diagrams from dia;

- In addition to programming or database Diagrams, ths, database diagrams, network diagrams in the field of electrics, hydraulics and programming;

- With Dia you can support creating simple XML files using a subset of SVGs so you can add the written support that would become necessary.

- Charts can be extracted and save in Dia's customxml format (file folders automatically compressed to save space); )

- Exporting charts in EPS, SVG, Xfig, WMF, and PNG is possible with the software.

- The tool facilitates multiple-page document printing with Dia.page documentation.

Introducing DIA, a unique and innovative drawing application that's very different from commercially available software. Officially-titled documents are not crated, just used as a working document. Also included are the options for writing forms of XML Files, as well as exporting charts as SVG, WMP, and PNG files. Prints can be used to work, rather than to create a design.
The DI makes the process of creating art and drawing items by hand very easy and requires a higher level of detail and professionalism. This way of saving, viewing, and managing drawings is fairly simple.
Users of Dia's software are enthusiastic about it. New users of Windows OS have embraced its use. As a result, they have a number of additional tools to look forward to. Since its launch, the app is loved and viewed with enthusiasm. There are a number of nice features in the system. Over time Dia has gained a lot of traction; however, the new user reviews have shed light on how Dia can be a useful tool.
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