Device Monitoring Studio

by HHD Software

Capture, log, and analyze PC ports

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HHD Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Device Monitoring Studio is a program for monitoring and analyzing data passing through serial ports of a computer. In addition to serial ports, Device Monitoring Studio can monitor data received/sent through the network and USB devices. This program logs data flows (with the possibility of subsequent playback) and provides hardware test, as well as control over use of data for business needs, security compliance, and testing and approval of application development. A computer can log and analyze the data streams from any connected device. Users can search for information quickly in stored data for - - Input a URL to the search box. using regular expressions. Security specialists, systems administrators, software developers, and hardware developers are just a few of the people who have successfully used it.testers, etc.

I feel very safe online using this program due to its robust security system as well as its ease of use. There is also a very powerful password auditing program which makes it very comprehensive in terms of private information security.
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