wxWidgets logo
This framework has a mature, easy, and well documented basis.
PSPad editor logo
Windows and OS X users can edit their programs with this editor tool.
Zend Studio Professional logo
With this PHP development environment you will be able to create all your PHP projects.
Programmers Notepad Portable logo
Having a modern appearance for programming languages with a modern feature-rich page.
DEV-C++ logo
Languages programming that work with programming languages are integrated into a program development environment.
MSWLogo logo
A logo-For educational purposes, a programming environment based on this basis can be used.
Code::Blocks logo
It is a free, open-source application for coders that allows for their own development of software.
PWCT logo
Programmatic development is done using this open source visual programming language.
Dictionary.NET logo
The utility defines what a word is.
NSIS logo
Open-source software system that was designed to run installation software.
SourceTree logo
Streamline your coding by utilizing the Git GUI.
Genymotion logo
Explicitly tested on an operating system for app developers so as not to hurt their quality.
GitKraken logo
Git is an attractive Git interface that is modern in feel.
ProShow Gold logo
Slide shows can be created using these settings.
Kodak EasyShare Software logo
With this software program, you are able to switch between cameras in just a few steps.
Base64 Encoder/Decoder logo
Access windows processor decoding software online.
Image Converter EXE logo
Convert various formats of images using this program.
My Photo Books logo
Using this software, you'll be able to design richly customized photo books that can be professionally displayed.
The Enigma Protector logo
Executable files are protected against illegal copying, editing, modification, and analysis thanks to this program.
Photo SlideShow Maker logo
It allows you to take pictures of video slide shows in Windows, whether at work or at home.
ARC Welder logo
Install Android apps from scratch with Chrome OS.
Justinmind Prototyper Pro logo
For wireframes and interactive web pages used in big projects to be built.
Eclipse IDE logo
Coding and professional development become more enjoyable for learners as they learn the techniques.
Altium Designer logo
It develops PCBs (printed circuits board) from design and development perspectives.
SQLS Plus for SQL Server logo
DBAs, Developers, and Operations use it to manage their DBA operations.
TortoiseGit logo
GIT with Windows shell interface is a free, open-source, distributed solution.
Pelles C logo
It is a compiler and developer kit for the C language.
HxD Hex Editor logo
Both Free Hex Editor and Free Disk Editor are available in this language.
TeXstudio logo
Spell checking, code folding, and syntax highlighting help to facilitate this process.
DiffMerge logo
Files can be compared by graphical analysis programs.
EMU8086 logo
Embrace and repackage the old 198086 systems.
dnSpy logo
A .Assembly tools from the NET assembly editor can be used to enable the debug of software development projects.
KDiff3 logo
Distribute them or merge them.
Windows OS is an appropriate desktop and laptop operating system for Android software.
Android MultiTool logo
A tool for managing tedious file-compiling and compiling, signing it, installing framework, and signing it all into Excel.
AndroMouse Server logo
Your Android device and your PC can be used together.
W32DASM logo
Code can be written into machine code readable code.
Oracle SQL Developer logo
Easily accessing your Oracle/SQL database is a key benefit of Oracle/SQL.
SixaxisPairTool logo
With this application, you can synchronize your controller and phone together.
Just BASIC logo
Learning programming is made easier with this device.
Agena logo
Among its many users, Codeplex is best suited for science, mathematics, script writing, and networking.
Greenfoot logo
Trainers and learners of Java had access to an interactive whiteboard to teach and learn.
XVI32 logo
A high-The free Hex editing software allows user to view and edit files in their es that allows you to view and modify any file in hexadecimal format.
NI Multisim logo
Devices can be managed neatly and efficiently with this tool.
Weka logo
With the addition of a wide assortment of machine learning algorithms, weka makes it possible to perform data mining tasks.
DbVisualizer logo
Manage databases with a database management tool.
Avocode logo
Become a designer of applications for iOS/iPhone/iPad for your websites.
Boostnote logo
During programming and coding, take note of your notes.
SQLiteStudio logo
MySQL database manager that comes skinsible, a skinnable SQLite database manager...