by Nenad Hrg

Software designed to save and restore the position of desktop icons

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nenad Hrg

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DesktopOK is a program that can be used to restore the location of all icons and icons located on the desktop if they are moved. It can be highly useful because the program creates and manages a location history automatically for each person on the program. DesktopOK adjusts to different screen resolutions, while maintaining the position of icons, and can not only display, but also hide all the icons and minimize all open windows. This program is really easy to use and extremely useful.

It happens every time I update my Nvidia graphics card that my desktop icons move about randomly. After I found DesktopOK, I found it super user friendly. I can use DesktopOK to reset the icon locations of my desktop, and if they are moved around, I can easily revert to them. As far as I know, this program makes a great deal of sense to me.
at first, I was okay with it. I saw the switching resolutions part came to mind again.!!!!!!! switching between my TV and monitor; that is definitely something I could have used.!!! The software will always be in my mind, whenever I get the set up again. Thank you!
If items are placed on the desktop, they can be incredibly inconvenient. While I am on my way home, I am continually annoyed by the folks messing with my desktop in the office. There's no doubt about it, DesktopOK is a solution for this problem. This application automatically automates moving icons between users, which changes workflow and organization dramatically. Whenever I open up my computer, my desktop needs to look the same. The desktop will stay in sync with your resolutions even if you have to bounce between them several times. The product is truly fantastic.
Each time I work at a different location, I try to use different systems. It does make me slow on my working experience when my system icons appear in different windows, but "Desktop OK for Windows" software helps me function effectively on my Mac. My phone, computer, and iPad feel all familiar to me.
Whenever you work you'll always be motivated by having your desktop rearranged in a creative way.. When you unintentionally rearrange the desktop icons, the arrange desktop icon filter is bothered by you. You can backup your desktop arrangement with DesktopOK's solution by setting it so that it is backed up by a default desktop resolution instead of inker by creating a backup of the way your desktop is arranged and if by mistake you change your desktop resolution, you can take back the desktop arrangement
DesktopOK has been built for the Windows operating system so that even those who love orderliness can enjoy it. When using this app, it enables you to create individual user profiles with their favorite icon positions. In the event that an icon is arranged in certain ways, it may be relocated. The desktop icons can be hidden or displayed with a single click in the app. Window repleting is completed swiftly and automatically, to make the screen appear larger.The previous arrangements are stored no matter how you save them, and the current settings are instantly accessible to you when you boot your computer. In addition to being very small, it can be carried over to your laptop as an application that is portable in a memory card. Try it out.
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