DesktopMania gives you the ability to automatically swap out your desktop wallpaper

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How do you feel about your desk? Most people would assume that the wallpaper is the first thing you see when you stare at it. There are people who can help distract your mind, which will relieve your long hours. But the pictures have to be downloaded, adjusted properly, or your brain won't get enough sleep. In older operating systems, which are commonly installed in computers for work, it is not possible to automatically change wallpaper on computers. DesktopMania is the perfect solution for such inconveniences. There is no cost associated with the utility. To use this application, you need to download it, register on the developer's website.

Why do you need registration, if you ask? It's simple. your account is set up in the system, you can install desktop images that you like. There is a lot of them available at the site. All you have to do is add the picture you wish to have as a desktop wallpaper, and then you'll be able to download it automatically. Select a local folder for the images on your computer if you do not want them to be located there. In your discretion, you can set the change period for the pictures. To avoid any problems with the screen resolution on the site you can view only those wallpapers that will have the necessary size.

For those who want the wallpaper of one color scale, adjusting it to the room, or color scheme OS, will be glad to have the function of selecting images by color. As you choose the right color, you will view images containing the most of this shade. As well as categories and labels for each picture, all pictures from this site have to be categorized. To sum up, DesktopMania is a great free service that provides you with a program for automatically changing desktop wallpaper.

- no advertising;

- automatic wallpaper change;

- Images are considered a monumental resource.

- The selection of images according to the predominant color;

- There is absolutely no charge for the use of this app.

You will now be able to download a free desktop wallpaper, called Desktop Mania. Running ad-With a free version of the tool, users can sort images by color, personalize their auto-change capabilities, etc. is a huge repository of images!! Folders can be set up so favorite images can be taken in, and autoloading features are set up so it takes only a few minutes. Seeing colors reflected by the images is appealing to me.
Your desktop wallpaper will be changed automatically by Desktopmania, a free service you can access on the Web. In DesktopMania you will find wallpaper that adapts automatically depending on when your PC is running an older operating system. Using it is a pretty simple process. Just select a picture to add to your favorites and it's automatically uploaded to your wallpaper.
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