Make any window or application the topmost window

Operating system: Windows

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DeskPins is a free application that allows users to make any application the topmost application. By doing this, windows get pins all along while they're being used other windows. Take a pin from the DeskPins icon and pin it to any window, making it your topmost window. ]


  • limitless pins available
  • handles application types intelligently
  • wild-card based automatic pin support
  • global hotkeys
  • insignificant system resources usage

[DeskPins is a free software that uses very little system resources to make any of your applications the topmost application. For people who don't own two monitors, but need small bits of information that can't be switched between apps and tabs, this makes it very easy. Using DeskPins is as easy as adding "Always on Top" to any of your favorite programs. In short, DeskPins makes using it intuitive. It is user-While it is free, it resides in the System Tray after it is launched. Placing applications on top of pins can be simplified as a result.

Can be added to any program

To use, click the DeskPins icon in the Windows System Tray. As an additional step, you can use a pin to align your windows. It is easy to remove pins. This pin needs to be removed again after clicking it again.

DeskPins enables Hotkeys to work. In addition, it provides the option of autopins on autopins. When activated pin mode for active windows or when prompted to switch between active and pin modes, key options can be used.

DeskPoins works perfectly with most applications and application types. Many types of Windows can be controlled by DeskPins, including typical Microsoft Windows, skinned Windows, and DOS command windows. In Windows 10, DeskPins not always work on the latest applications such as Groove Music.

  • Free to use and download
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 9x
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
It was somewhat confusing to use DeskPins. In my opinion, there wasn't enough visual content to support the proposition that the products actually do what they claim to do. It is a free app that can be very beneficial to people, especially if it are available.
In this valuable, free program, users can pin important applications to the Windows taskbar. It does not limit users' pin usage, so its intelligence can assist them in knowing the amount of pins they can use. Windows versions of most versions work with the program as well as hotkeys. For those who need to remove them, they can be easily done so. The Deskpins free application is wonderful.
Wow! As a result of using DeskPins for my laptop, I feel more comfortable at all times. One of the most popular apps is located at the top and the least at the bottom. This application enhances the user's desktop experience by providing a simple yet intuitive interface that helps to simplify and enhance it as well.
An application stays in its top position by using this application. Usually, this type of function is the same as "Always on top.". In addition to being user-friendly, this is also available on the web. If you do not want to let another window display an application, this is perfect for you.
Ryan Ivey
When running it for Windows OS, it is able to do multitasking and have a few cons including compatibility with older versions of the operating system, including Windowsvista and older OSes. Its ability to prioritize tasks with pins makes it one of the easiest multitasking programs out there. Right now, I'm not sure if anyone will be utilizing older versions of Windows beneath Windows 7. But, with its ability for those who work on different projects simultaneously, it's a valuable tool..
Using desk pins in Windows offers many benefits such as being flexible and doing multiple things at the same time, as well as allowing screen visuals to disappear from the world whenever you need them.
All applications that come in at the top can be done using this way so people don't have a problem organizing their stuff on their computer. I think Windows computer users will find this platform very useful. Despite its practicality, I do not believe it will be useful for Macbooks and Apple products users. As far as running this application goes, Windows 10 is probably the best option at the moment since it is the most updated system.
You will find DeskPins to be a lightweight Windows program that will keep your projects on track, without going broke. By its basic design, DeskPins brings "Consistently on Top" computing for software on your PC. Using mere application programming interface instructions, it can perform seemingly "pin"-sized operations. DeskPins embeds a symbol in the Windows System Tray that allows you to push the button in a flash to empower it and has the ability to remove the symbol over time so it stays on top. If it is not working correctly, DeskPins removes it. While DeskPins is a challenging platform to implement, it is designed for both novices and seasoned users, providing some flexibility by providing a choices screen to play around with.
An application program such as DeskPins that pins frequently used applications onto your system would be great. A DeskPins application is the best way to pin any application program.
Rather than having to wander through Windows and tabs I need to find the windows and tabs I require, this feature makes it much easier for me to keep an organized view of my screen and computer display. With it, I can pin the apps and tasks I use the most so that I have easy access whenever I need them.
It lets you manage several types of windows and tabs on your Windows desktop in one app. To maximize productivity, improve accessibility and promote the availability of more relevant windows, this tool pins them to the top of the desktop. With this app, it is simple to switch between a variety of languages without needing to install a separate program. It is also fast, easy to use and very compatible with the OS that your device may support.
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