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Debian is one of the most reliable open source operating systems (OS) with a large package base. A huge number of different types of devices with different architectures have access to it, including the most popular x86 processor.64 and ARM. In addition, "Debian" is the basis and heart of many modern systems. The distribution kit is believed to have been the basis for Ubuntu, SteamOS, and Linux Mint.

Advanced Package Technologies are used by Debian to install, update, and uninstall packages. ready-made applications can quickly set-up, develop, and launch into operation.Typical program source codes are made out of components. The ability to download software packages can be accomplished using an online repository or externally.

To install an operating system, you have several different desktop interfaces to choose from. You can download applications such as KDE, Xfce, Mate, Cinnamon, and others. As a list, you can list your pre-existing habits.Programs installed in a shell may also differ based on what shell it is running. LibreOffice is available as an individual file, which is compatible with Windows, but GNOME is required for all OpenOffice applications.

Developers like that version of Debian. As a result of easy-to-set parameters and a variety of free tools, a universal operating system can be created quickly and easily, whether to serve as a server base or a household entertainment center. Its users are most likely those knowledgeable about server systems, gaming centers, or home entertainment are still in a position to have no experience operating Linux- Do you know anyone who have Linux- People who are still unfamiliar with Linux-When a system receives a distribution, it should pay attention to it closely - Ubuntu or Mint.

- Only free software is included;

- System stability at a high level. Server machines often run the Debian open source operating system;

- high productivity;

- regular software updates.

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