DearMob iPhone Manager

by DearMob, Inc.

A platform specifically made for backing up your phone!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DearMob, Inc.

Release: DearMob iPhone Manager 3.4

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows is a type of software that's made backing up data from any apple products easy on thousands of people! Transferring stuff like media, contacts, SMS messages, photos, and videos of the cute little grandkids would be the best thing!! For people having a hard time understanding how to use the icloud and itunes features, this can be perfect. Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 utilize this feature. Does it matter which format you are using?! HEIC can be handled, JPEG, GIF, MP4, and MP3 can all be transmitted with it.

  • The device comes with two components.Whether you are looking to manage the Apple features on your Windows desktop or laptop, or to file your desktop files on your phone or tablet while away, using the way sync feature is available for both scenarios.
  • With Photo Ibook converter [this program will allow you to view and convert Apple products into Windows Explorers]. Windows compatibility is one of the features it provides, such as converting EPUB and HIEC files.
  • You can import and export files from your Apple device to a Windows computer system. This can mean contact info, SMS messages, photos, videos, playlists, applications, and sounds.
  • Photographs can be transferred in albums or individually. Also, it allows you to keep or delete the originals on your phone in a few ways.
  • Transfer bookmarks from safari to your internet browser (or vice versa)
  • It will allow you to install non-You can unlock your phone without going through a download. Instead you can run apps with the app store.
  • The IOS backups are sealed when you use an encrypted password. If anyone sees or views the backups, they will not be trusted with them.
  • Live photos can be converted to JPG files so they may be viewed on Windows computer and laptop platforms.
  • If you wish to try the software before purchasing it will be made available for a free trial.
  • The software allows you to manage both your contact books and calendars effectively.

Because DearMob is very well formatted software, its simplicity allows you to do some of your work away from home, thus solving the issues related to Apple Itunes. An automatic format feature for your all your files that comes with this app. Check it out for a free trial, and don't have to spend any money. It is best to tell friends and family if you're pleased with how it operates. Become less stressful for someone else with DearMob.

All iOS content can be backed up using the DearMob iPhone Manager. The backup tool not only performs this function, but it enables you to access and manage content on multiple devices. Transferring an OS X and a PC on an iPad over the Internet goes seamless as dealing with transferring an OS X and iPhone on it.
If you are anios users, this app is an absolute must. This will be essential when you use an iPhone or operate a Windows computer. Its backup, an active backup system for most e to its tranfer an dbackup whihc are very imporatant these days. subcategories of data where a broader lexicon could be used for analysing such data or for retrieving, retrieving, or adapting them.
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