dbForge Search for SQL Server

by Devart

A free add-in available for Microsoft SQL that allows you to locate data.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Devart

Release: dbForge Search for SQL Server 2.0.19

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Using Search for SQL Server is free and incredibly useful. When it comes to a new application that saves me time and money, I find this software invaluable. This addon allowed me to work more efficiently at work, and enabled me to complete deadlines more efficiently because of it, because of how much easier it made things to complete. By utilizing this program, it is possible to locate SQL objects, text, and data anywhere in your database in a flash, so you will save a lot of time and headaches alike. During the time when I was very stressed as a result of my lack of proficiency with SQL Server, my computer frequently malfunctioned and data dropped into the wrong hands.

Initially I learned of this software from my sister, and after my first attempt, I decided to purchase the package. it has always been my sister's experience, so I decided to use this tool myself, and because of her expertise I've become excited as I fell in love with this program, it's made our days easier, there aren't as many obstacles.

I particularly like Wildcard Search, another key functionality. Matching zero or more characters in my search results in faster results since they result in one and the same results. If you are looking for coding fragments that are contained on tables, you can perform the SQL Fragment search. This search goes about getting you where you should be by finding fragments in tables that you can look for. This free SQL server search extension gives you many useful features. Most of these features are easy to use, and some are somewhat difficult to manage if you don't have enough knowledge of computing.

This program will enable you to win valuable time and money with this add-in. Try it out for yourself and see if this is the right setup for you.


  • It is free for you to find fragments of SQL in tables.
  • Quick navigation
  • Search string-based data location
  • Filters for your search
  • Configuration of searching filters.
  • Wildcard search
dbForge Search for SQL Server for Windows is incredibly powerful, so I rarely have to spend time messing about finding the SQL objects in my databases. It allows me to access any data or texts I need. With this program, it is easier for me to quickly search for columns and texts rather than searching through all Object Explorer and checking every single one to see if there a specific term I want to search for.
What problems are you having with finding bs within databases that you've created? It only makes sense what you are looking for!! This tool allows you to quickly and easily find all these files. It can be downloaded at no additional cost. you won't have to search through each and every SSMS object to find what you are looking for. By using dbForge Search!, it makes searching your files easier today.
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