DAX Studio

by Dax Studio Development Team

A tool for executing and analyzing DAX queries

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dax Studio Development Team

Release: DAX Studio 2.3.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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I am really happy with this software, DAX Studio for Windows is the perfect solution for someone that is looking for a software that can execute the analyzes of DAX queries and then compare these queries with Microsoft Tabular models. Being able to understand functions and operators in a reliable way is difficult due to the problem of ensuring that such analysis is not only easy but is also efficient at times when there are no mistakes. Having a tool like DAX Studio is a great way to improve performance and the overall quality of your work, it's hard to find a software that works as good as this one, so it's worth taking a look.

Several of my supervisors have commented on how this software works, so I started using it. I got the chance to take a stab at it. Considering I was shocked with how well the software performed, and at how easy this application is to use and to utilize, I was very pleased with it. DAX runs completely unattended and is composed of no complicated language commands. If you do not have any knowledge of the tool, you can execute and analyze DAX queries in no time. The user interface of this tool is quite simple and the menus provide a user with easy-to-access dialog. The software can be utilized together with Power Bi Designer and Power Pivot, both Power Builder software that I use in most of my projects.

Considering how well this software is designed, is so good, will really change how DAX queries work; it utilizes the Object Browser to enable editions, it is structured to help you with the need for these requirements, yet it is developed efficiently for production execution. Last but not least, DAX Studio for Windows can be very helpful if your knowledge of how it works are correct, even if it's relatively simple to use, this program has a lot of useful tools that you'll be able to use, and you won't lose track of


  • Support for Daxformats
  • Server Timings
  • Swap Delimiters
  • Easy to run interface
  • Scans local machines
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