by Dashlane, Inc

Secure all passwords at one time safely

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dashlane, Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Dashlane is a password manager available for almost all popular operating systems (including mobile). As soon as the Windows version is installed, the program performs an automatic detection of the presence of the users of browsers, and then uses that information to form its own database of passwords. Of course, Dashlane will only do this with the user's permission. The password manager also synchronizes your password saved on your computer with your portable device automatically. What are the steps required by your tablet to create a service account?? will automatically save you the details and set you up to logging in using your PC PC.

password-management software, the program allows for data storage of credit card payment information, personal data, arbitrary notes, recipes and other data as well. Additionally, she knows which passwords she should consider "sufficiently secure," "too old," or "most prone to password obfuscation".

It is able to search the database and provides a multitude of sorting parameters as well. One key advantage of the password storage program is that the database file can be imported from another password manager (LastPass, 1Password) into it. For those who want to play every standard Dashlane function for free, they are free to do so. There may be a Premium subscription that meets your needs if you do not believe the standard features are sufficient. Their access to databases also allows users to make backups of databases, obtain access to those databases through websites, and assign passwords to specific tasks.

- synchronization of passwords for desktop and portable devices.

- In addition to search capabilities, this format allows many parameters to be sorted.

- The Chrome and Firefox browsers can enable users to import passwords.

- The "reliability" of passwords should be evaluated and their weaknesses recognized.

- With the CSV files import support, you can retrieve passwords with the files.

- Dashlane's standard version is completely free.

Dashlane Beta 1.3 (1.49 MB)
Dashlane 6.19 (0.87 MB)
With Dashlane, I can manage the passwords on numerous computer systems from one location. It is most interesting that I can later send card information for the future, making user purchases much faster on Dashlane. It comes with a free Dashlane product that covers the whole spectrum. As long as I am on my feet, I will continue supporting Dashlane.
Simplest life seems to be possible after use of this product. This allows you to keep track of all your personal information in one location. Simpler and safer everyday life.
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