Cydia Impactor

by Saurik

Download third party apps (IPA packages)

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Saurik

Release: Cydia Impactor 0.9.51

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cydia Impactor is a GUI software tool that allows you to download third party apps (APK packages) to allow you more freedom on your mobile device. It works like a boot manager. You can use it to get apps and Jailbreak your phone. In many cases, an app could not simply be downloaded legally anyway. Play official games, apps, and tweaks with ease with this application. In this case, users will find their devices freed and more creative thanks to Saurik, also know as Jay Freeman and prolific creator of iOS and Cydia. As of this writing, the latest version is: 0.9.38. There are several advantages to using this newer version. When you plan on selling your device, but still keeping it jailbroken, this is valuable.

To use: The version should be downloaded from the web site and should be opened. Locate the .An Android application file that you wish to download. Then, open the Cydia Impactor. The APK will be in the Impactor of your Cydia after you click it. A stable build is more frequent than in previous versions. Additionally, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are supported. Signing the app is also possible with the app.


As part of this version, crashes are fixed when signing very large documents.
  • Install jailbreak files
  • Root Android devices
  • Unlock bootloader
  • USB drivers included

This software is great for those that want more freedom using their mobile device.

Using the software alone, nothing else has to be done, because it can act as a standalone app. Additionally, if you select this option, it will automatically check for updates. If you are using Windows 10, do not run this tool as an administrator. In case you're a server admin, dragging and dropping IPA or APK files may be difficult.

Several times, a Windows platforms Error can be detected.158. You may need to take down the Cydia Impactor and reinstall onto the Windows platform if this error occurs.

Jane Adams
In its current state, Cydia Impactor performs extremely well.It lets mobile users bypass problematic functions and make mobile experiences that are their own. Mobile enthusiast want to master the device they own as much as possible, and the ability to download third-party apps with your own phone is a great step in that direction.
Bryson Reese
It is developed by Saurik and is primarily a tool that enables a community to make jailbreak applications compatible. You can load IPA files onto any PC using this software, and you can put IPA files directly into an iOS device or iPadOS device. People who use iOS and iPadOS rely upon this software quite frequently.
James Muyar
In the application, which takes out all iOS jailbreaking features from a device but without messing with it on the version updated in the application, there is an App known as Cydia Impactor. Moreover, Windows, Linux and Mac OS are all supported. Your smartphone will be downloaded with IPA files and APK files installed on a computer. To root the master key exploit for Android, it was first available. The Cydia Impactor will endorse all apps installed from any app it has been associated with during that week for a free developer version. The Cydia Impactor performs semi-critical work.An iOS device running in iOS can not be worked on remotely. In the case of a paid developer account, it works for a period of 12 months. Can you tell me how to use it? Simple deployment is the key word here. The app you want to install via a Cydia Impactor for that particular IPA must be updated with iTunes on your computer in order to install. You can get the file, then download it. The Cydia Impactor must then be installed on Google. Afterwards, you must extract the file to a location where you wish. If you wish to use a USB cable, then use the link after that. Launch the Impactor executable file. After the Impactor has recognized your iPhone, dragging the files over will start. Your file will be automatically downloaded by the impactor after you provide him with your Apple ID and password. To access the trust section in your device manager, click "Trust" then continue. It's as easy as you think. With the Cydia Impactor you can impactor easy to use. You get a free 30 count for this software. You should check out the Cydia Impactor now.
I found this to be very convenient since iOS phone apps are easily installed. Sideloading the phone, visually being clear, and being easy to use is its chief characteristic. A 2FA process is necessary if you want to use it, which makes it perfect for securing your online accounts. If you're still interested in unlocking your phone, there is another benefit that a bootloader unlock does, it enables you to root any iOS or Android smartphone.
Jude Horan
I have personally tried this software out and had a lot of success. The Apple Impactor makes it easy to use a VPN to add any app to your Apple device manually, which was frustrating for me because I disliked how easy it was to control Apple's devices. An application you can download on an iPad, Apple iPhone and iPad Mini lets you create a computer file.
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