Cyberlink MediaEspresso

by CyberLink Corp

This tool makes improving video quality easier.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CyberLink Corp

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cyberlink MediaEspresso is a universal multimedia converter with pre-A device's operating system must be installed on specific models of mobile phones and portable media players.

Unlike other programs, this one exhibits an impressive appearance and has a convenient and intuitive interface. Using a digital photo, video, or audio file first needs to be dragged from the camera into the window of the program. The special button is there as well to assist you. When you have added the files, use the 4 buttons at the top to sort them by type (in the case that you have also added music or videos), for example.

The buttons on the left indicate that we will convert video, audio, or pictures into a format suitable for mobile devices (smartphones or portable media players). There is also the option to convert from Xbox 360 to PS3. You can also take advantage of the special YouTube upload option if you'd like to upload your videos.

In each option, there is a profile with settings that is preset. As a result, the following factors have already been determined for a particular phone: the video format, the screen size, etc. For each type of content, you can select its settings - Enable all-in-one functionality. Different for music and for photos. the music by taking the settings into your account, you will see the video settings as well. for the video. There is no difference between the profile of one person and another. You can also create your own social network.

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