by hiyohiyo (Crystal Dew World)

A software allowing various performance tests to one's hard drives

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: hiyohiyo (Crystal Dew World)

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CrystalMark contains a set of test applications that allow you to test the work of the processor, memory, hard disk and video subsystem (GDI, Direct Draw and OpenGL). Furthermore, the program displays information about the parts of the computer in great detail.

The performance of one system, including a detailed system check, can be performed as well as individual computer components or certain bits of information about them. If you would like to save the results to text or HTML, you can do so here.

- The CPU (ALU or FPU) is tested.

- Testing RAM.

- Hard drives are being tested.

- Video subsystems GDI / DirecDraw / OpenGL are tested as part of the test.

- Learn about BIOS and motherboard technology.

- There are multiple types ofCPU information (Clock, Cache, Multiplier, System Clock)...).

- South or north bridge for Chipset information.

- information on your video card (driver and video RAM).

- Network information.

- PCI devices.

- IDE HDD information.

- Information about the DLL, including Windows / VisualC + + / Visual Basic / Archive.

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You'll find it to be fast. The items offered below hold lots of RAM memory, they are fast and are capable of performing to satisfy all users. I do not understand many aspects of the technology used in computers, however these items hold many RAM resources. Check your drive doors with this software. The ideal desktop is one with a flat surface.