by Ranquel Technologies

Windows users have a reliable option to encrypt files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ranquel Technologies

Release: CryptoForge 5.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CryptoForge is an essential solution for keeping your computer files safe from those who you do not want accessing them. As we all know, this piece of software plays a very important role in operating a computer from either an operating system perspective or as an application perspective. In addition to security issues, you should concern yourself with file security. It encrypt files so that no one can access them or keep them safe. In this way, the software protects your files from harm. By using a combination of private and public domain algorithms, the system keeps the files safe from all persons.

It's actually quite simple to use this system. There is a method of tagging files as encrypted, in which the files must be unlocked when an owner requests that the files be accessed. The best feature of this encryption software is that, when your data is being attacked, it will remain completely encrypted. In recent years, cyber attacks have increased in number and sophistication. For small and large companies alike, as well as everyday Americans, this is not an uncommon circumstance. With an encryption tool such as this one, you can also protect yourself from these types of attacks in addition to protecting your data.

Like any other encryption software package, the user must be sure not to forget his or her password. The password is the only thing keeping the files secure, and without it, even the user who initially locked the files will not be able to gain access to them. Having said that, it is recommended that people who wish to encrypt their data use a password that can never be erased. Additionally, this free software works!! The value of this encryption tool differs greatly from others on the market, which require you to pay a fee for full access. The safety features must not be limited at a price that cannot compete with those at other manufacturers.

Your precious files should be protected against attacks and hackers.

  • Very easy to use interface makes it accessible for almost anyone
  • Full encryption keeps file safe from attacks and hackers who want to access your files
  • Totally free of charge, you pay nothing for the complete protection of encryption
  • Based on public domain algorithms for maximum file protection
Due to CryptoForge's ability to quickly encrypt files before shredding, which I do frequently on Windows, my files cannot be accessed until then. This simple and convenient encryption can be achieved in just a few mouse clicks. CryptoForge enables the inclusion of all major currencies.All types of data, regardless of format or media type, receive this notch of protection.
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