by Levin Sergey

A full feature cross stitch design editor application for Windows and Linux systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Levin Sergey

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Crosti is an interesting program that will allow you to easily create diagrams for cross embroidery using graphic images or photos. At the same time, all the user has to do is to upload the image to the utility, and then it will automatically convert it into a scheme, which can be saved to a separate file or edited beforehand.

The graphical interface of the program is extremely simple and convenient, so that even inexperienced users can orientate themselves in the functions. You are allowed to rotate the picture, trim the background colors, reduce the proportion of the picture located at any one time, and move the photo's borders.A cross will have to be painted or a color palette will have to be painted as well. You can browse different input formats through the utility, as well as save images in various output formats. Because of this, it can be used in graphic image editing. And in conclusion, it is worth mentioning that Crosti is distributed free of charge.

- By converting images to the other file type, you will be able to make them cross stitchable.embroidery schemes;

- A possibility for editing color palette, colors, size, and other parameters.

- It has a large number of input and output formats available, which makes it an excellent converter.

- Distribute free of charge if necessary.

- Russian language support.

As someone who has experience with this sort of software, I am familiar with the Crosti program. It may be useful to use graphic images of cross embroidery or photos to show how diagrams are made by cross embroidery. For someone unfamiliar with this process, then I suggest you do so.
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