by Hissen IT

A file encryption tool that creates encrypted folders and files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hissen IT

Release: CrococryptFile 1.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you take your privacy seriously, then CrococryptFile for Windows is the way to go. All those files will be protected with this tool since it features a variety of interesting features. I tested this software on WinZip before discovering it, and its performance is much more reliable than those offered by older applications. It's a very cool program that you encrypt more information using rather than WinZip. The program also encrypts all details about a file, including the size, its name, as well as its date of creation, when it was created and all the contents of it. Having a layer of protection is very useful for my sensitive, confidential information, especially with all the hacking going on.

CrococryptFile for Windows allows you to encrypt files with a password with AES-Keeping such sensitive measures as 256 and Serpent protected is a tall order. Using this tool makes my files virtually secure. Using this tool, you can hide the entire archive contents while still allowing users to keep the files' information. When I first installed this program, my biggest concern was that it would be complicated to secure certain files or that it would take much longer to accomplish so. It was both quick and practical to my surprise. When you click your mouse on a file, you choose the option to encrypt or decrypt it with a right click. The next step is to make your choice and add any password you would like.

There is a way to encrypt multiple files simultaneously using this software. This is a great feature if you need to manage a lot of data, I think, especially in large companies where it has to be encrypting multiple files simultaneously. This makes sense since there is an elegant, modern look to the progress bar. It is rated at a score of 4 in my opinion.Most software programs offer these functionality in conjunction with CrococryptFile. I find that their utility compares to CrococryptFile for anyone wishing to encrypt and decode files.


  • Password encryption feature
  • Cloaked mode
  • Creates backups
  • Encrypts folders
  • Encrypts files
While creating content as an original content creator, CrococryptFile has been a real transforming experience for me. Thanks to CrococryptFYIE, a great way for creating great content as well as giving users and I security for protecting our shared documents. I also recommend CrococryptFYIE so you can remain safe.
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