by DanKeys

With CrazyBump, you will see displacement, normal, and even a fake occlusion map from 2D images.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DanKeys

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CrazyBump is a very convenient and easy to use program for creating various texture maps. This program is ideal for users who work with 3D models or artists, computer graphics engineers, game designers, and, to a lesser extent, designers who produce textures or other materials.

Images or photos taken by a software program can generate these three maps.

normal map - An authentic map that simulate irregularity on the texture surface.

displacement map - Using displacement maps in this way, these overlaps can be rearranged using 3D relief;

occlusion map - parallax mapping is technology with highly detailed relief textures; etc.

specular map - Surfaces can look glossy when they are covered in mirrors or glare effect.

diffuse map - a map to create the main diffuse texture of the object, the main color of the object.

The program has a built-in preview renderer that allows you to see how the texture with a particular map will look like in real time. It is possible to choose a model to demonstrate: You can download your own model in OBJ, ASE, ASK, and X formats for 3D printing with balls, cubes, vertically and horizontally oriented cylinders.

CrazyBump has a nice modern interface and is very easy to learn.

- An extremely simple user interface.

- In order to create three types of video, you need the ability.Comparing the multidimensional capabilities of different maps: * ddimensional maps in different modes;

- sliders are available more clearly and for more detailed projects; s of sliders for more detailed configuration of projects;

- Images are batch processed; dicing of images;

- I don't have to pay for the distribution.

For me to hear everything has been said means that I am excited. There are several downsides to 3D rendering software, but it appears to be none of them. 3D rendering is hard and often requires heavy time on the computer to complete, but it seems to be quite smooth with this software.
Having trouble editing texture maps in Photoshop? There's no need. Several map-making programs, such as Source Engine, Goldsource, Unreal Engine, Unity, or others may benefit from this. In addition to changing many of the texture types, you can quickly edit them. It is possible to develop various applications for converting texture maps of various PC games into viable forms. This is a pretty good software package for indie developers with a fair bit of modern features, overall.
It saves time as compared with other kinds of software, and the mixing and filter capabilities are incredible. Files can be saved to a disk in as little as five minutes.
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