by Podien

A small tool allowing the user to change the FontSideBus

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Podien

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Last revision: Last week

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CPUFSB is a simplified version of CPUCooL that allows you to change the FSB frequency without having to reboot your computer. motherboards on various chipsets such as the VIA, SIS, Intel, ALI and AMD family.

It doesn't seem like this software product works. Do CPUFSB stands for something? Furthermore, I believe that the product's description ought to include viewer-based acronyms. To those without work experience in the industry, acronyms are an especially confusing concept. I wish I could create even more in-depth research to offer.It would be interesting to get a deep review, but not because I do not think there is anything to this product yet.
It's not true that I'm a tech nut myself, but I saw at least one occasion where a user would like their computer to run faster in order to accomplish some otherwise impossible tasks.With this tool, such searches would not be needed, and programming would not be a hassle either. In addition to providing more time-saving ability without requiring a reboot, these features allow safer switching between FSB speeds during operations as well, thereby enabling the user to resume his/her safety from risky to safe.
This software allows you to change the frequency without reboot of the CPU since it was designed in such a way that can protect SSD and /or flash drives against error coding or incorrect decoding errors.
it is actually used to improve performance by overclocking your PC. There is a side bus, which makes contact with a part of a motherboard or microprocessor. In addition, my understanding of this topic is limited to what I found on the site. It also performs something for the motherboard and processor of the computer.
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