Corel VideoStudio Pro

by Corel Corporation

Free video editing software for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Corel Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With Corel VideoStudio you will be able to work more quickly without sacrificing quality. There is no better professional video editing and import program than this one. With RevoStock's collection of professional templates and an extensive range of high-quality templates, you're off to a great start.quality effects. A plethora of video editing tools are available so that you can produce video of any kind!

With VideoStudio, video creation has never been easier with the perfect platform for all creative ideas. The graphics acceleration used to facilitate this method, and support for multi-processing enabled significant improvements in workflow.core processors. Create your own video or convert your video to DVD, AVCHD, and Blu-ray in a DVD burn kit or DVD burner.Alternatively, you can burn the discs to your computer hard drive in order to reuse them.

- With this simple app, you can now edit express or deeper layers quickly and easily, as well as master the DV editing can create DVD and Blu-rays in DVD or DVD Movie Factory 2010.ray;

- In particular, the NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Core i7 hardware acceleration provide significant increases in video processing speed.

- VideoStudio Express. Create video clips, merge photos, and mash music for quick editing; and you don't need any more complicated settings.

- video templates. Create stunning videos in minutes with Hollywood credits, spectacular transitions, locations, and a range of other capabilities; e, as a way of saving money and making easy videos.

- spectacular titles. I'm impressed with the effects on this video title. It will be a very convenient way to do so;

- importing HD video. Blu-ray, DVDs, and HDMI are a number of popular video sources for importing videos.The discs will save you time and work better on a new computer?;

- Creating and recording Blu-rays ng and recording of Blu-raysray discs. VideoStudio Pro allows you to set up a Blu-ray studio - save the audio.ray discs. It is also possible to create beautiful menus for your Blu-ray system.ray disc;

- H.264 compression. HD quality will shine from files that are smaller with the H.Due to the 264 codec, it is easier to distribute video across multiple media types.

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