Corel Paintshop Pro

by Corel Corporation

Photo editing and graphic design software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Corel Corporation

Release: Corel Paintshop Pro 2020

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Corel Paintshop Pro for Windows is a feature-The best photo editing and graphic design software for just $100 per week and yearly subscriptions. Photo editors often achieve commercial success, with an approximate download of 290,000 pictures. Users can retouch and edit an extensive number of images when using this program, offering a wide selection of features.

Installation takes up a large amount of time, the program does require an account for Corel to be used before using it, and it is complicated in the interface. With a sleek and dark interface, the user may find it difficult to get used to the operating system without familiarizing themselves with it. However, it will certainly be understood with time and practice in order to fully unlock the potential of the Corel Paintshop Pro program.


User can enhance photos with professional editing tools
  • Multiple workspaces - many workspaces are available for the user such as Photography, Essentials or Complete, created for different styles of user skill levels
  • Customization - In order to maximize user efficiency, palettes and toolbars can be organized to suit anyone's needs and colors, icon sizes and fonts can be adjusted
  • Layers and Masks - Professional and sophisticated features that allow the user to create intricate compositions for projects
  • Selection and Cloning - Extremely high precision features and tools for the users to remove backgrounds, touch up edits and to restore older images
  • Drawing and Painting - For creative designs, a wide range of brushes and brush sizes, color schemes and palettes, gradients and patterns are available
  • Adjustments - Users can crop, resize, edit, sharpen to enhance their images
  • Text - Many typography tools are included so that text or quotes can be inserted in images, with various fonts, sizes, styles and alignments
  • Intelligent solutions - 'One-click' capabilities as well as others are available.Step Photo fix' and 'Smart Photo Fix' are quick and intelligent fixes and filters
  • Lens correction - Automatically corrects lens issues such as distortions, vignetting and aberrations
  • Artificial Intelligence - A useful feature is that it enables users to duplicate the styling techniques common to wells.Pictures of some of the best artists s the feature 'Pic-to-Painting.'
  • 360 Photo Support - Produce a 3D like a planet effect which removes and replaces a tripod
  • RAW - Before and after photo viewings and large preview options
  • Scripts - Ability to script actions to speed up tasks
  • Makeover - Corrects red-eye glare and eliminates blemishes and unwanted lines
  • Batch Processing - Ability to edit multiple photos at once
  • Templates - Using our built-in blank formats and templates you can create your own creations.

To install Corel software, a Corel account must be obtained.

Using Corel PaintShop Pro is an affordable way to change pictures and design graphics for your next project. As an added bonus, this tool lets you fine-tune your images with the aid of professional grade editing capabilities, and lets you select colors for your graphics to create a more stylized appearance. As well as offering a range of adjustments, the tool offers a quick-click option for making additional adjustments.
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