CopyTrans Manager

by CopyTrans

Free Microsoft iTunes alternative

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CopyTrans

Release: CopyTrans Manager

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CopyTrans Manager is a great alternative to your iTunes software on your Apple device.


  • Free Software
  • Works on your PC as well to copy music
  • Become Apple-Freedom
  • Compatible with Apple Music
  • Copy videos and music from PC to Apple devices
  • Minimal install
  • Can edit music as well

What a great and convenient way to get yourself away from everything Apple but still enjoy the products. With this lightweight app, you can easily transfer the data from your much cheaper PC to all Apple Mobile products. Using this system in one go is an easy task because it is light in size and has an easy interface.

Despite its free nature, the app works across various platforms without APPLE's restriction.

There are no doubt that copy Trans manager is an accurate copy Trans Manager is known for its compatibility. App is compatible with both Apple Mobile and Windows 7. We have access to an array of music, videos, ringtones, podcasts, and more to create mobile apps for Apple products. In the U.S., will work require you with work require you have a PC? The vast range of Apple products can never be overstepped.

With Microsoft's CopyTrans, you can copy all of your stored documents to Apple devices safely and securely. You are no longer restricted to items listed in Windows or Apple computers. There is no need to worry about the program not updating with your most recent apple update since it is continuously updated.

Please take a moment to look at some of the testimonials, and see what others have to say. There is more to it than just a copy and edit program. There is the option of editing the music or video. This simple but effective user interface makes it possible for anyone to create their own playlists. Compared to iTunes which is complicated and difficult to follow, much simpler. A faulty Apple device may not even work when it's old.

Would like to include art on your podcast? Well, here's how you can make your own changes, if that's what you need. The photos need to reflect your own style. I really recommend this program - it is just a great way to share ideas and share expertise. Furthermore, this is a free download, so I assume I'll own the program afterwards. You would think that when you try a lot of different programs at once to transfer videos from my PC to a my daughter's iPad, your mind would drop.

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Jaxon Noyes
Clean junk & temp files to speed up iPhone Compress/export/delete photos to free up iPhone Manage smartly large files & apps in bulk Compatible with all iOS versions and devices including iOS 13 and iPhone 11 Pro (Max) , iPod Touch 7 .
The idea is a little odd as I hoped, but it can get the job done while making a PC copy of your music folder from your iPhone. However, it still needs multiple updates to realize its full potential.
You may find it very annoying if you are unable to transfer songs from your computer to your phone using iTunes. We offer CopyTrans Manager, which will let you remove your songs and data from your computer without using Apple iTunes to store them. The program does not require participation so you can get a degree without feeling anxious.
With the CopyTrans Manager for Windows program, you can upload movies and music to Macs and iPads. It is constantly updated, which makes it look promising.
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