CopyTrans Drivers Installer

by Ursa Minor Ltd.

Apple-How to copy iTunes files to PCs. A PC can connect directly to an iPhone.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ursa Minor Ltd.

Release: CopyTrans Drivers Installer 2.049

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The install is a little robust. It gives me a list of the software to install, with CopyTrans Drivers Installer for Windows at the top. Following CopyTrans Contacts, CopyTrans Photo, TuneSwift, Apps, Shelbee, Cloudly, and probably a few more, it is time to go from here. Despite its claim that Copy Trans v6 is free, I looked elsewhere.100 is free? Not sure. There is a setting button in this install utility that allows me to re-download previous versions of the program. That's hardly necessary to me. copying to iTunes is my main goal. The app might be capable of transferring Amazon music files to iTunes. Or I can make my own custom songs on iTunes and use them for home. Because I thought iTunes was a digital music store as well as a software device whose own songs must be paid for, this seemed peculiar. Like Apple, this program is very fast. The app has already found my phone and asks if I need to back up iTunes or a folder. Choosing a folder is the next step. 83 songs were streaming in 657MBs, so a good pace. If I am going to have unlimited use, I need the entire version. It creates a Music folder where I said to and then makes folders for each artist and a folder for each album, then the m4a file. This seems helpful if I want to erase my phone and save my iTunes. About three clicks can be made from the keyboard. New and modern GUI is displayed on the screen.

Using mp3 over m4a files was unclear to me in the event of connecting to iTunes with mp3. As a shortcut to show classic mode on startup, there are other options in the GUI, such as maximizing on startup, increasing on startup, setting artworks, choosing auto-correction, and so forth. A system like this could be useful for me once I've installed my software. As soon as I have completed the file transfer, I click the folder icon. This is cool. Additionally, it copied some memos I wrote on my iPhone, although the Music folder should contain them. One could really use this functionality as a way to keep their phone clean while and to archive their audio notes. For example, if they record voice notes or idea songs, this app could help. They are also MS4a files.

It can copy all m4a files, and maybe other types, on your phone and it can also copy the Voice memos, videos and playlists

  • Can auto recognize the version of iPhone
  • Can automatically copy files to iTunes or to a folder I specify
  • Can transfer videos and playlists as well as audio files.
  • The iPhone automatically finds your Voice memos from a computer and copies them directly to your desktop - Feature.1
If you don't have iTunes, you need all necessary drivers if you need to install iTunes on the devices that support it. If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or copyTrans device, you might be interested in its Driver Installer. The set is easy and super simple.Installer does everything it claims, including without any extras. The iOS drivers that you were trying to find will be downloaded and installed instantly after unzipping the zip file.
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