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CoolPack is a collection of simulation models for refrigeration systems

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Publisher: The Company IPU

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CoolPack is a complex of utilities intended for carrying out calculations and building models of refrigeration systems. A simulation can be carried out by utilizing formulae and graphs showing refrigeration property differences, simulating refrigeration cycles, determining efficient energy use, as well as checking dynamic models. In this program, we provide engineering students with a basic understanding of the use of coolant and cryoagents for condensers and other refrigeration equipment; therefore, engineers involved in constructing and analyzing industrial refrigeration systems, refrigerators, and other refrigeration equipment must be familiar with the use of the programs. In addition to more than 40 Cryo Banks, the program includes numerous accessories and services. You will discover all the properties and features of air and water, including nitrogen, refrigerants, and ammonia.

CoolPack consists of several groups of programs divided into tabs. This first tab is divided into three parts: The first section consists of three primary programs. You need a refrigerator and heat exchanger, as well as refrigeration calculator and secondary fluids in conjunction with these utilities. There is the capability to calculated the time of transition, as well as make diagrams of enthalpy (kJ/kg) and pressure (Bar). It is able to determine the properties of individual refrigerant states as well as the auxiliary fluids used to transfer heat via Secondary Physicists can calculate the pressure drop coefficients for refrigerants and the auxiliary fluids used for heat transfer using the pressure drop coefficients.

A special award should be given to Dynamic Simulation for Dynamic Cold Flow Simulation in different environments. Depending on ambient temperatures and various other external factors, it provides detailed estimates of refrigerant use and energy consumption and other parameters.

Furthermore, there is an overview of compressor operation cycles on the CoolPack tabs, a program for designing basic circuit diagrams for cooling systems, etc. In addition to these utilities, there are others. Tools for studying equations at engaignment Solver, CoolTools: Cycle Analysis, CoolTools: Design and Auxiliary.

This software would be perfect for someone who designs or works in the refrigeration industry. It is difficult to memorize or develop formulas of regrigeration in which they can be used, so in order to do so, you have to research and know the formulas.
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