Cool Edit Pro

by Adobe Systems

A great program for editing music

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Adobe Systems

Release: Cool Edit Pro 2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Cool Edit Pro (for Windows) is a powerful audio editing and recording software that supports just about any audio format you can think of. A 2-GB audio file can be played up to 2 times. Moreover, it plays back more music while editing. With this software, you can choose from a wide range of options. There is something for everyone in this library, whether you are looking for advanced editing or basic editing.


  • Over 25 audio file formats supported including major file formats such as MP3 and WAV as well as many more
  • This software can support up to 2GB of audio
  • Not just for editing, with Cool Edit Pro you can record and save tracks as well even from media such as old tapes or discs (with the proper hardware)
  • Capable of editing multiple tracks at a time
  • Simply designed interface for ease of use but also very professional looking
  • Optional features such as visual effects are available during install
  • Includes basic features as well as more advanced features such as mixing and processing music files

The wide variety of audio file formats in addition to the size of the files this program can handle makes it stand out from the crowd. This product is simple to use and would work well in the homes or offices of an audio professional. Making use of the ability to record on and save old tapes and discs provides anyone with an opportunity to create a great source of recorded media. There's something for everyone in this program, for sure.

It can can handle over 25 audio file formats and supports large audio files

This program is able to be used on 32 and 64 bit Windows. demo version you will encounter certain restrictions compared to the in-depth version. As such, a demo would serve as a good way to give the software a try as someone looking into getting an audio editing program look closely at it. We have a terrific program in everything.

Audio editing, mixing, and recording abilities are all available with Cool Edit Pro. In Cool Edit Pro, some of the following feature include: Recording and playing audio, transforming and editing audio, and adding several audio effects to create a fuller and more creative audio experience is exactly what we want to do with our software. Additionally, Cool Edit Pro has 64 support tracks and 25 support file types. All this sets it apart from any other audio editor for audiophiles or audio enthusiasts.
It can work with Windows computers if you utilize the Cool Edit Pro software application. Its purpose is to give the creator some form of ease in creating, editing, and transforming files. Being liked by many people of course. There is no need to worry about interruption to the file playing or document conversion process. Our society is made easier by this simple application. In the process of developing the trial version, the developers were able to test it in computer mode. No matter where you are, you'll be able to access the information.
The music workstation most widely known is Cool Edit Pro for Windows. In addition to supporting large audio files up to 2GB and 25 different audio files, this program comes with support for surround sound mixing up to 64 tracks and works with almost any soundcard, including sound cards. There is nothing more frustrating than looking for a user.This is a great audio editing program to use! The software works without a hitch! Definitely recommended!
It turns out this information is exactly what I was looking for after analyzing the data quite a bit. A multi-track program can be created in this software, which is really astounding. While it can run up to 64 tracks, I appreciate the fact that it can be created in such a way with maximum capability and power. Additionally, it supports 2G file so songs can be broken down into smaller chunks. Finally, if you are intimidated by buying this software demo, you will be able to listen to 30 minutes of songs. Try it and, if you do, I am pretty sure you will buy it.
The latest edition of Cool Edit Pro shows that it is an excellent choice to get your hands on and invest time into. This tool is a great alternative to other recording softwares because they let you edit your recordings as easily as possible. In addition to adding effects to the sounds of this product, it also provides performance tracking. Free software like Cool Edit Pro is also free to use.
I love music just about anything involving it. The purpose of my search was to find a tool that could make and edit music. Cool Edit Pro is an amazing application that I found for Windows. So much is accomplished by it. files can be created, edited, and converted using it. Having two million songs as a 2 gig file is awesome. cool effect as well. Rid and distort are things that I have loved since the beginning. Enjoying my time with a few hours of fun for me.
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