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Operating system: Windows


Release: ContaCam 9.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The ContaCam software allows you to record using multiple devices for multiple purposes in one user friendly interface. The ContaCam software also allows you to keep your recordings on a safe, secure server so the data cannot be lost and can be recovered at any time. ContaCam helps you save space for recordings, leaving out uneccesary data so you may be able to record for longer periods of time. You can opt for motion detecting or continuous recording based to suit your needs. Your choice of layouts and languages will ensure you have everything that you need, so there will always be a place for your request. A thumbnail can be recorded by installing several devices on a single screen. The software automatically presents the recordings through smaller windows on the screen of those devices. All Recording Devices that can act as a standalone device or hand in hand with an individual monitor can all work with this software. This software allows you to run as many recording devices as you like at the same time. You can use the software or start it using one of the services supported by Windows, and the software can also connect to devices from beyond the network. As part of ContaCam's video support, cameras allow for the audio to be used. In order for ContaCam not to run efficiently, you do not need the latest technology. has the objective of saving space, it only requires very little processing power to deliver the results for your personal or commercial usage.


  • Motion Detection or Continuous Recording: ng between motion detection or continuous recordings.
  • Multiple devices can be viewed and recorded at the same time on different displays.
  • Port forwarding for servers
  • Choose how long to keep the recorded files

Whether you are a store owner, homeowner or you enjoy having a sense of security, ContaCam is the software you need to put your mind at ease. It is a great choice for those looking to purchase surveillance video equipment.

Video becomes more efficient to record by freeing up video storage space.

The app is compatible with almost all Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms.

As a Video surveillance and live Webcam program for Windows, Contacam has made an excellent debut. It is a free and easy-to-use image viewer and editor. Reliability and stability are the things that we focus on. Regardless, it is important that the software performs as specified.
This app can record a single video without using a single device or cam. Multiple users and devices connected to different locations can use this device. The program will also automatically remove any data from your hard disk as well as the excess space.
It can also be used for quite a few things. Recording is possible from many devices using this device, so it does not need to store unnecessary data. A primary use for this software is surveillance footage, and the application for this software that comes to mind is surveillance footage and streaming. Recording occurs across a number of devices at the same time in both cases, but using software makes it seamless for you to do so with great ease.
It is an easy, simple device to use and really user-friendly to me since I am not an expert in technology. Having multiple devices accessible is fantastic! I could also watch and record from my laptop with it.!
Logan Mclaughlin
This software was downloaded by me following the purchase of my first property. Unlike many other softwares, this can be very useful for many tasks and is easy to navigate. No one deserves to feel uncertain or uncomfortable, especially you and your loved ones.
Applications like Contacam can be deployed from any Windows installation to Windows 10. ContaCam is user-Using simple controls, users easily learn how to navigate through the interface. You can get all of this for free by browsing Contacam and clicking on the numerous additions, such as daily summaries, snapshots, or screen captures, web server integration, and motion detection.
With Contacam I can monitor the environment remotely from my Windows laptop. With its small size and limited resources, it is fast and won't slow down or hog your system when it comes to processing power. Using most camera devices, you can connect to a simple 3 step process. Easy and user-With a user interface that's friendly, it's easy to monitor and customizing is easy. Compatible with Windows Vista through Windows 10 and other languages. Each of our cameras will open and operate simultaneously and, depending on the situation, we'll notify multiple alert systems if anything happens. Great tool. Easy to use.
An entire WDM area will be able to utilize this program. Using a webcam and surveillance system in your own home is safe. This program can be used to take pictures from any video source. Individuals can also take snapshots and the program can be modified with the program to take advantage of various effects. I would give the program a rating of 5 stars out of 5. My experience with the program has been very pleasant overall.
I had a need for one lightweight and secure app that fulfilled my surveillance requirements. Compared to other solutions, it is completely free of bloatware. The benefit of this is that I keep my speedy service while freeing up gigabytes of data. If I am outside, I immediately get alerts. Are there any additional things else o you need?
Our security camera software, live video camera, webcams, motion detection, and other services can be yours with the ContaCam software suite. You can also use this software to email your contacts containing motion files that enable you to report crime easily. There is also the option to decide how long you would like to keep certain files. In addition to offering safety features, it is a handy software.
There is also live video surveillance software called ContaCAM. Storage of the files can be managed on a hard disk through a timer. Users can choose to view videos at the beginning, ending, and the last of the day using the software. License plate recognition is carried out using this software in conjunction with the plate recognizing device. It is also possible to setup a parallel video display.
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