Connectify Hotspot

by Connectify

Turns any computer into virtual hotspot using wireless

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Connectify

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Laptops and computers running Windows 10 can be connected to a virtual hotspot using connectivity hotspot.Essentially a bridge that is used for the transmission of the internet to all Ethernet enabled devices including 3G and 4G devices. All devices receive the connection. With this program, you can share an Internet connection. For those services, you have to give them a User Name and Password. In fact, this third-party software serves to protect the system against MITM attacks by creating a protection mechanism. In that way, it is secure and reliable. It provides free software for everyone to have easy access to the Internet via their computer, phone, and friends. Virtual router software is another name for it. The level of flexibility does not end there, as business and personal ed in the field of business and personal works also. ]

Used to provide Hotspot and share the internet to all the devices

  • Free software
  • Secured and reliable
  • Flexible
  • Cost-effective, compared with wifi device.
  • Virtual router software

All consoles on the play list will be eliminated.

By using Connectify Hotspot you help other nearby devices - including Wi-Fi-connected PCs - access the web using your computer's bandwidth. transform your computer into a router, just select a passcode and the application scans the connecting computer or integrated devices, to transform your computer into a router, the application will scan your wireless card or other integrated device. Once you've confirmed that you can share the connection, all that remains is It also lets you manage the shared data files, track the locations of devices connected to your new network, and monitor your connected devices. It is easy to use your PC to connect anywhere as an router; just plug in your laptop instead of using it to connect.
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