Arduino logo
Download the current version from the link below. Either Installer or Apps is a good option.Zip packages as well as exe files.
Neo Sign 0f Misery logo
In Neo Sign 0f Misery, user actions are automatically processed on a computer through a program.
MinGW logo
For Microsoft Windows users, I have set up an open source programming tool.
CMake logo
Announcing that Microsoft will offer Code as a cross- platform software.".An open, free and flexible platform.Tools for managing the programry build process of code in a compiler - a.k.a. compiler build tool.independent method
PureBasic logo
The program language for Microsoft Office.
Visual Studio Code logo
This free app is for macOS, Linux, and Windows.
Mobile BASIC logo
By connecting it to a computer using USB and Bluetooth, the phone can share its Internet connection.
Zend Studio logo
The PHP development process can be sped up with these tools: editing, debugging, analysis, and optimization.
QBasic (QuickBASIC) logo
Developed for Windows 10 as part of your simple simple everyday program for desktops or tablets.
AppStudio logo
Creating Universal Windows Apps is easy.
IntelliJ IDEA logo
Experience with the processors is consistent across them.
SWI-Prolog logo
This software allows the creation and distribution of executable programs with a logic language for the purpose of artificial intelligence and/or computational linguistics.
Qt logo
Developing intuitive, modern user interfaces on all platforms is the goal of this framework.
Turbo Pascal logo
An compiler and a development system are both key components of software development.
Kodu logo
The Kodu integrated development environment developed by FUSE Labs was originally known as Boku.
ActivePerl logo
Windows processor is trusted in the distribution of perl.
Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers logo
Operating systems, like Ubuntu, that can support Eclipse IDE are: *Free*. The MacOS X and Linux are available as OS X and Linux.
Python logo
Python that is installed with windows by this program.
Aptana Studio logo
Windows programs that allow you to create software and programs.
Visual Prolog logo
Logical multi-opacitive programming language developed based on Prolog.
PyCharm logo
A fully-Using Python, a Linux programming language IDE could be utilized on Windows.
PyQt logo
It is a Python-compatible cross-platform for Digia's Qt applications.Framework for developing platform-related applications.
Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate logo
Fully-There is an integrated development environment (IDE) on Windows.
Qt Creator logo
An important type of computing software used in architecture.
XULRunner logo
By allowing users to develop their own desktop applications using a packaged version of the Mozilla platform, there will be a lot of functionality.
Lazarus logo
Lazarus is a platform and open source that includes multiple uses.Its purpose is to produce software for any operating system that runs with this compiler.
PHP for Windows logo
In Windows 10 and some of its software, the PHP should be accessible.
Android Studio logo
Windows users can get the most out of Android Studio.For Android app development, we use the Platform for Developing Applications.
Game Maker logo
By developing a virtual reality software program, your game can be realistic.
Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 logo
This full-A featured development environment transforms great ideas into brilliant solutions.
Kodu Game Lab logo
There is a visual programming language designed to be used primarily for game creation.
FlashDevelop logo
Development tools and tools for different projects are included in FlashDevelop for users of the application.
Free Pascal logo
There are no restrictions on using Pascal compilers on Windows.
VB Decompiler Lite logo
An online tool that can decompress window information.
NetBeans IDE logo
Provides a means for Windows users to create programs and software.
Pelles C logo
C language compiler and programming kit for development.
Atmel Studio logo
The code development environment enables you to write software and read software easily.
Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable logo
It is designed based upon the Microsoft reporting system to use a standard structure for viewing reports.
Android MultiTool logo
It assists in decompiling, compiling, signing, implementing frameworks, and signing up files all in one tool.
HTML Compiler logo
It is possible to compile HTML web pages in executable formats based on Windows OS.
W32DASM logo
Write readable code from machine code.
QBasic logo
The application can be utilized by Windows 10's Quick Basic.
Agena logo
With it, you can develop intuitive tools for programming, including those designed for science, math, script writing, and social networking.
Wing IDE logo
I created this simple solution in order to make a fully functional Python application.