COMODO Internet Security

by Comodo Inc

PC Software that provides protection against malware with a cloud based scanning technique, intercepting threats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Comodo Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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COMODO Internet Security is a comprehensive solution for protecting your computer from virus and Internet attacks. An important part of the program is its three main modules. In addition to viruses, Defense+ modules and firewalls can also protect your computer. A antivirus program will detect malware on your computer if you open the executables first. File analysis can be carried out via scanning settings, a scheduling feature, as well as suspicious files to be analyzed. Your computer's Firewall consists of two programs which have been configured by your computer to make the Internet safe for accessing. It should be noted that the integrated COMODO Internet Security firewall is one of the best free firewalls and has won the love of a huge number of users.

Applications can access the Internet only if there are a choice in which to restrict them or not. The program lets you define packet filtering rules, see which connections are active, and hide the computer's ports from prying eyes. As the last of the three modules in the software stack, Defense+ analyzes applications in real-time. By setting it up in a sandbox, Defense+ ensures the program or file isn't able to access a system's settings, create files, etc. You can also run suspicious applications through the box. When these applications are run, their data will not interfere with the sandbox in this case, leaving them in a position to remove all changes created by the applications. allows you to customize all of the checks (including the depth of heuristic analysis) and categorize certain folders in the list of checks automatically. In addition, a Defense+ usage policy can be customized - Five options (from inactivate to paranoid) are available to you. COMODO Internet Security's ability to protect the computer remotely across several levels at the same time consumes a very small amount of system resources when it is used.

- built-in antivirus;

- A proactive system that blocks the misuse of vulnerable information by programs with suspicious intentions; ;

- a built-in firewall;

- flexible security settings.

In light of internet safety issues, the Comodo Internet Security system seems like the ideal solution. Thanks to its three components, the product provides reliable protection on the web. A comprehensive defense against online malicious attacks, like antivirus, defense+, and firewall, is provided by these products. In light of the availability of several softwares with similar solutions, it is interesting and beneficial to assess the complete cost of Comodo Internet Security as well. Also to review whether the individual modules are listed separately as appropriate. Despite my interest in the system, I don't find it appealing, as my Mac is running on Windows and my Comodo computer is running on Mac OS X.
A COMODO computer security program will stop your web browsing. Internet attacks and viruses cannot penetrate Your computer completely. The software scans your computer for malware and blocks the bad things you don't want. is a very affordable product and is certainly worth every penny.
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