Comodo Free Firewall

by Comodo

5 Star CNET Editors' Choice OPSWAT awarded Gold certified Anti-Malware product

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Comodo

Release: Comodo Free Firewall

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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What does a firewall do? Is it necessary ealthage? Want something different from the old school? Do you not enjoy largesse for one? What is the name of your computer running Windows PC running a Windows OS?

We can't help but keep in touch with Comodo, who have a website allowing you to search for their products and services.

It's called Comodo Free Firewall for Windows, and while the pay version gives full protection, the free version is no slouch and is loaded with options and features.

I really like this software - you can have a good firewall at ease without having to worry about it.

  • It manages PC traffic
  • Blocks ALL internet attacks
  • Secures all online connections
  • Monitors I/O connections
  • Is fast, easy to use and hassle-free

It is 5 Star CNET rated, CNET Editors' Choice, OPSWAT Gold certified, AV-This month's TEST top product: anti-heroics (January 2018).Malware product.

It also features DDP, or Default Denial Protection, which is basically a software bouncer: In the event that something (two million apps and counting) you've never had your eyes open about, is not on the list, you'll be able to recognize whether dome malware predate a program on the list.infection.

it is mainly an application focused on prevention rather than keeping your computer running and preventing problems in the first place.

It customizes itself for each person, has a user-friendly GUI, can get quite complicated if you're a control freak, can adjust settings either by default or by modifying another user-friendly feature.

Consumers face uncertainty in today's world due to the changing global circumstances, and even less money, and as a result, Comodo helps make the whole system more efficient.friendly, up-to-An innovative free firewall based on date that provides safety and speed.

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