Comodo Dragon

by Comodo

A web browser affording enhanced privacy and high customization and speed

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Comodo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Almost everyone uses the Internet to communicate. The company transmits a huge volume of information each day, in addition to a large amount of personal data, identification details, passwords, credit card and bank names, etc. hackers, phishers and thieves as technology goes on. That's why you need to use Comodo Dragon, a lightweight and powerful browser with all the necessary security and privacy features.

For a modern user, web browsers cannot simply be fast and stable. What needs to be done owst secure browser! Therefore, in recent years, they have become really important to be aware of since even in the distant past, malicious software was estimated to exist at number 25 million. That's why - You may also wish to use safety for your own. Comodo is the industry's number one provider of online security and privacy solutions and you must use its services. The Comodo Dragon Browser contains all the features of Google Chrome plus an unrivalled level of privacy and security.

- Security and privacy features that are advanced; ed privacy features;

- Obtaining a simpleSSL certificate ficial identification of SSL certificates;

- Don't run out of memory and not have excessive memory usage; ;

- Sites that offer convenient access to your favourite content; *always up to date.

- A special Incognito mode to maximize privacy; ;

- The interface is simple, the training easy; and the functionality easy.

- There is no cost or license required for using the browser; download it now;

- Translation into multiple languages; ); Russian among them.

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